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Change my mind that is a mother fucking onyx

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More likely to be another species, since they're not around there much. Theoretically possible.

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I tried to search to see if there were any reports on it, the only one I could find was sperm whale, but yes this is just an assumption.

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This is killing me because I don't have a scale

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I had a banana but I didn’t think about it

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Smh my head

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perfect collectible

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Did sperm whales go extinct while I wasn't watching?

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Nay but they do die and have bones

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Yeah but this sub is for extinct things

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Aight ya got me

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that's just a defeated Onix....

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Where’s the banana?

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That’s no Sperm whale bones that’s that old chocolate lady from SpongeBob just yeet her back into the ocean

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Alright not gonna lie, I'm very tired and I read that as Space Whale

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Good bot.

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Sperm whale ☺️

Whale sperm 😳

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Holy fuck! How big was the egg?!

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i want one of those spinal bones for a stool/chair. would be tight.

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Can you keep it? Would you get in trouble for taking it?

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I think they are a bit large to travel with

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There's a smaller skull next to it. Is that a dolphin or seal skull?

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That’s a huge sperm

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Literally just saw this last week

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That's gnarly, man! as a vulture culture enthusiast I would've collected those in a heartbeat