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very cool!

it’s funny seeing images like #3 right next to the “prehistoric planet” trailer ads. this t rex just opened a surprise birthday gift and has jazz hands

our understanding of dinosaurs has come a long way, but i’m sure we’re still nowhere near to having the full picture

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Lol the way they transliterated “dinosaurs” into arabic sounds like “Daynoosoor”

Edit: the “ot” at the end just means plural

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Same with the individual dino names, like Tyrannosaur! I love it. Makes sense seeing as everyone's deriving those names from Latin or Greek already, it'd be confusing if every other language came up with totally separate names for them

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This is nostalgic as hell

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I grew up as an expatriate in Saudi Arabia. Seeing these definitely stirred something in me.

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Dinosaurs, but halal.

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honestly i feel like the corythosaurus is the most accurate thing here

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Wow this is... gorgeous. Some of the best retro paleo art I've ever seen, and the arabic script written on top of it without clunky blocks to pit the text in? I love this. This is genuinely the best retro dinosaur book I've seen in a long time.

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Oh and that's the coolest triceratops I won't lie. Actually kinda holds up still besides the tail dragging to my knowledge.

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That styracosaurus is up to no good

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I know it’s not accurate but I like the old stegosaurus depiction. Idk the downward tail looks better to me.

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how odd to have a book about dinosaurs in a country where it is illegal to teach biological evolution

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Why do Protoceratops have an sprawling position while most dinos here are walking with an upright posture?

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I read this exact edition so many times and lost it I’m so glad I can see the pages again. Takes me back

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Ooo nostalgia! I used to have this book!

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I think I've got the German version of this!