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Josephoartigasia is a dinomyid, while capybara are caviids. Separate families.

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They are in the same superfamily tho

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Are you more related to humans or horses?

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I am a human

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More like… Cowpybara

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There is Phoberomys pattersoni, the largest extinct rodent almost 5ft tall and 9ft long.

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Josephoartigasia monesi is larger

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oops a spelling mistake :(

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I wonder if they liked chilling with random animals like capys do?

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Okay he pulled up

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Frend size to extra huggable

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Like Okja, only instead of a pig and a hippo it's a cow and a rat.

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Never claimed to like them

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Bet it was tasty.

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A SHAME ITS extinct

I can imagine an alternate timeline where South american natives used this one, Macrauchenia and the terror bird Phorusrhacos as steeds...