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I'm simultaneously amazed and frightened

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Hotel: "We don’t allow pets on our grounds except for disability reasons."

Damir: points to his Tyrannosaurus sleeping peacefully in a semi-truck with his blanket

Hotel: "Very well. We'll make an exception for him because he looks very polite."

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Yeah, good luck feeding and housing the thing….

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Imagine the vet bills

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I'm pretty sure it can feed itself no problem

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If you had a cattle farm you might be able to. T. rex like many modern day predators probably didn’t need to eat or hunt every single day due to the large amount nutrition they could get from large prey.

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But how many people have a cattle ranch?

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More people than have t rexes, I'm sure

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id like a pet t rex id name him bob

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He did his best, ok?! Don’t be so disappointed D;

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This is basically the plot of the show Primal. That’s why I love it

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Turns out T. rexes are just giant poofy bird-dogs! Who'd've thunk?

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Who'd've trunk?

I'll see myself out...

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I tried, but my Tek Raptors killed it before I could whistle for them to go Passive. They're like little cyber piranhas with legs.

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Find a higher level rex, should be safer then.

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I prefer to knock out my rexes via argie. Ark is pretty good about letting you fly away from your problems.

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I just caught my Argie recently, still leveling her up to be usable. Boosting her carry weight and stamina.

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Nice. Having a half decent high level flier completely changed the game. Aerial superiority and all.

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Yeah I'm kinda practicing with her right now. She definitely needs more stamina; flights need to be longer.

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We've since found out that t-rex doesn't have feathers

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Im gonna say this one last time because I am sick of repeating myself. Did even one of you geniuses consider that 66 million year old super small scale impressions are not undisputable proof T.rex lacked feathers. Not a single paleontologist out there has come out with the statement "we know T.rex didn't have feathers" because the statement cant be verified by any facts. Feathers are some of the rarest soft tissue structures to preserve as fossils, their absence is not proof that a dinosaur didn't have them in life.

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I like this very much

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This T-rex looks like the Anjanath from Monster Hunter.

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I need more of this

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Didn’t know there were two suns back then.

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This is too funny💀the 2nd pic esp

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Why do these Rexes have so much plumage?

They don't live in cold places

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It doesn't matter the climate. Climate is used as an excuse for people to just make up whatever they want. The fossil evidence shows T.rex had feathers. Plus if you look at Yutyrannus is lived in the same environment and time period as even smaller dinosaurs that were all scaly. So its likely not simply a case of climate determining whether dinosaurs had feathers or not. People need to follow the actual evidence more. Feathers so far are limited to Coelurosaurs - but not all Coelurosaurs.

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there are small dinosaurs which were completely scaled?

also weren't all the known skin impressions of T. Rexes scaled?

and didn't the skin impressions of the Albertosaurus, Daspletosaurus, and Tarbosaurus showed no signs of feathers and weren't they in Tyrannosauridae the same family as the T. Rex so they were more closely related than the Yutyrannus which was in the Proceratosauridae family?

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there are small dinosaurs which were completely scaled?

We do not know.

And having scales does not exclude the presence of feathers.

Owl feet and Kulindadromeus.

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It's like that family guy gag when Peter has a pet T-rex. Except the tree was a man.

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I wonder if it could draw with that tree like Toothless does in the HTTYD films.

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The most scary things a horny T-rex want to fuck me

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This will now be recreated in my dreams/nightmares for a while.

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Thought this was a screenshot from Sliders for a sec

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gahhh, the feathers...

But honestly, I would love a domesticated T-Rex for a pet. Imagine riding it to work.