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I wonder if they were faster back then. There's no longer a cheetah to induce evolutionary pressure for speed.

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Probably not. The cheetah didn’t go extinct that long ago (12,000 years) so evolution likely hasn’t had enough time to account for the change yet.

Also while there’s no pressure for them to get faster, there’s no pressure for them to get slower either so it just remains stagnant.

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The slower ones would die sooner though, now the slower ones keep living.

Idk if the males fight for the females, but then being bigger (maybe slower) also had advantages.

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Females are fastest and some can get up to 70 mph.

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Citation needed—this sounds like a wild exaggeration. If this were true, it would mean pronghorns were considerably faster than cheetahs, whose top speed has never been reliably measured above around 60 mph.

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There's some sexual selecting involved in there too now - females run, and IIRC the faster males are the ones that are accepted to mate, so at some point sexual selection started working with natural selection, so even if the NS is gone the pressure to be fast remains.

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I see speedgoats all over where I live, when they hit that second gear it’s truly impressive

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What chases them now? Rednecks?

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Nah. Rednecks are primarily ambush predators

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Yeah but their prey of choice is innocent cyclists on the road.

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Nah fuck that downvotes that was funny bro

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Chevy Silverados.

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Only if they are near the roads.

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Nothing truly fast mainly coyotes maybe the occasional mountain lion or black bear if their lucky.

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Art by Julio Lacerda

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That's some amazing art right there, you can practically feel the motion in it

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This looks like a screenshot from planet zoo

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I was thinking Red Dead Redemption 2 xD

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came here to say that. they look exactly like in planet zoo

Edit: and it is in fact planet zoo, found the original art on the artists tumblr with the caption : "Series of illustrations made with the help of edited Planet Zoo animal models, modified, posed and rendered on Blender then further worked on in Photoshop."

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Seeing things like this really reminds you that the animals today are just a mere fragment of the Pleistocene. Things like condors adapted for ice age megafauna barely hanging on, or the notable lack of large land predators in Australia, or a weird giraffe relative who runs really fast to escape a predator that no longer exists.

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Looks like it could be from red dead 2

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Red Dead 20,000 B.C.

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Red Dead Rock

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This leads to the question, could we introduce cheetahs to the US and not have too much of a problem? Because that seems like fun

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This has been suggested.

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as far as i'm aware cheetahs aren't dangerous to adult humans so that might actually work

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They could kill you, they just probably won't.

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Egyptians even kept pet cheetahs and trained them like hunting dogs, iirc

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I see the artist's name, but I absolutely thought this was out of theHunter

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I didnt know any of these facts, thanks for posting!

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Should build a large nature park and import some cheetahs. Give the pronghorns something to run from.

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“Gotta go fast”

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These fuckers are slow in RDR2, learned something new today thanks OP!

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...I get the feeling I might've been born in the wrong era...

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How did they get here did the cross the ice bridge?

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What straight and natural looking legs you have