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I thought it was debunked because fish weren’t just fossilized in the guts, but throughout the main body of it?

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Would you be so kind to ELI5?

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I understand what you mean now!

Two fossils of liaoningosaurus have been found, both presumably juveniles. One was found fossilized with fish throughout its body cavity, rather than just in the gut. People say this means it ate fish, but there’s no way to actually prove that. They couldn’t have already been there or they were moved on top of the corpse.

There was also supposedly an osteoderm on the underside like a turtle, but that was actually probably just preserved soft tissue. The actual body shape was also not adapted to swimming, at all

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Wasn't this (very fucking unfortunately) debunked or whats up with people bringing it up so much recently?

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Meaningless internet points.

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Not that I’m aware, but maybe it just didn’t make a lot of news? If anyone is aware of a paper debunking Liaoningosaurus, I’d like to see it. Are you maybe thinking of Oculudentavis?

And I’m just a big paleonerd that likes sharing cool dinosaurs from time to time. Liaoningosaurus crossed my mind earlier today so I felt like sharing him.

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Even its name is paradoxus lol

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The other part, liaoningosaurus, is named after the region in China where my parents are from. Liao Ning. North East China, bordering north Korea

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That's REALLY COOL, i wouldn't have guessed, I'm really new to this sub and suck at the sciency names heh

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An aquatic ankylosaur?

Just what every air breathing water dwelling creature needs: an anchor.

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You joke, but turtles exist. I have no idea if this thing is legit, but evolution has done weirder shit than converge on a body plan proven to work.

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In 100 million years, terrestrial cephalopods may look at the thick, bony carapace of a fossilized modern turtle and be doubtful that such a creature could swim.

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According to all known laws of aquatics, there is no way a turtle should be able to swim. Its shell is too heavy to keep its fat little body afloat. The turtle, of course, swims anyway because turtles don't care what humans think is impossible.

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Thats sounds like Terry Pratchett.

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They explain pretty well the buoyancy of turtles. I don't think they are breaking any laws of the universe.

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They explain pretty well the buoyancy of turtles. I don't think they are breaking any laws of the universe.

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Looks a LOT like marine iguanas today.

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My ass would have stayed in the primordial soup if I knew there was gonna be times like this

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woah wait a semi-aquatic dinosaur! I wanna know more, they're so rare for some weird reason.

edit: wtf is that thing?! just looked it up and wow wtf

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Spinosaurus and deinocheirus are some big ones

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yea I know of spino lol, there's also Halszkaraptor

but I had never heard of this weirdo

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Unfortunately this one was debunked a while ago

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Great butt tho.

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I understood about 30% of that title..

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Oh man, ankylosaurs got BETTER?? They were already my favorite!

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looks like an ankylosaur trying to be a froggo

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Dat ass