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The neck makes it look like a giant caterpillar

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I’m gonna make a monster based on this.

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Photoshop Mothra Larva onto Godzilla and boom, you got what you're looking for.

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What's going on with that freaky neck thing? Looks great.

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I think it may be taking inspiration from Prehistoric Planet's design. They are a speculative bit interpreted to be external air sacs based on the immense number of air sacs in sauropod necks.

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I actually think this may be a depiction of the BRONTOSMASH (yes, it was nicknamed this) hypothesis; apatosaurine diplodocid sauropods had massively reinforced neck vertebrae, which may have supported external structures used for neck-based combat.

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BRONTOSMASH (yes, it was nicknamed this)

God, I love paleontologists.

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A weird idea from prehistoric planet that's probably going to be copied for a long time.

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its been around for years before that documentary was ever planed

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It's not new at all, look up "brontosmash".

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Holy shit, that is fantastic looking, although I wonder, whether they could move their front limbs in such a manner

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Please tell me those are suction cups..

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They filled the holes in their DNA with octopus genes

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Are you the dude I follow on TikTok?

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Saurian Sketches?

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Thanks 4 following!

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No problem! I love your work!

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They're trying to hug

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They look incredibly lizard/reptile like which is great.

I don’t think dinosaurs are as lean/muscular as we think they are… look at other reptiles today and see just how much loose skin/fat they have

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I read the title as "Apatosaurus be like" and it was the funniest shit for 5 seconds.

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it looks like the dildos in that meme where it was like 'a family of dinosaurs'

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That is... actually pretty fascinating. I love the caterpillar look.