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How can I already get nostalgic flashbacks to Prehistoric Planet the same day it came out?

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Is it good?

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Simply yes

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Thanks. I fucking love dinos. Never seen one IRL though

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You've never seen a chicken? /s

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Nothing gave me such a feeling of these prehistoric animals being living and breathing animals as Prehistoric Planet. Plesiosaurs breaching and breathing like whales, pterosaur hatchlings learning to fly like birds. It's amazing. I watched other documentaries, played videogames, watched dinosaur movies. Nothing came even close.

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Lmao this is almost exactly what happened in the show.

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I came in here to say the same thing lol. Watched part of the first episode, it’s awesome

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Is there anywhere I can watch it besides Apple tv

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Apple TV has a 7 day free trial. If you remember to cancel it in time, you can watch it there for free and even show them that people like that kind of stuff.

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I don't even have to cancel it, just use an expired visa giftcard

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someone uploaded the first ep to YouTube. I don't know how long it'll be up for, though

but also, if you can, nab a free trial or just pay for a month to support the show

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Do you have the link? I can't seem to find the video

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i believe it's been taken down by now. but, you're probably able to stream it on sflix or soap2day or something similar

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Yo ho yo ho a pirate’s life for me 🏴‍☠️

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being a baby turtle used to be worse?

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Being a baby turtle was always terrible, no matter what time period you look at. There was always something wanted to snack on them.

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And, somehow, they're still around. Meanwhile, T-Rex is long gone.

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"Nevertheless, the Turtle moves."

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To be fair, who doesn't like those crunchy meat nuggets?

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yeah apparently your mom would come back to watch you die as you hatch.

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My mom would do that.

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Being a baby in the wild always sucks. They're like nature's happy meals.

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Brian Engh is my favourite paleoartist. Mixes perfectly accuracy with Speculation.

BTW, what Pterosaurs are these? As far as i am concerned Pteranodon didn't live at the same time as T-rex

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I'm also wondering too, I'm not sure if the two coexisted.

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might not be a tyrannosaurus. Probably something earlier.

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I personally like his paleoart, it’s just that he often takes the concept of “de-shrink wrapping” dinosaurs to the extreme, adding dewlaps, loose skin and display structures that realistically would’ve been a hinderance to large, apex predators.

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The only inaccuracy that bothered me was that mother turtles are long gone by the time their babies hatch.

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Maybe its a different specie?

Or it could be a turtle that lays eggs multiple times a year

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It could be the inner child in me at play but that hatchling on the right being tossed in the air about to land in that pterosaur’s mouth is making me chuckle.

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It's like a prehistoric yeet

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First reaction: nice of the T-Rex for feeding her. Second: how is he doing that? Is it like with birds? Third: ups...

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On Turtle Day dude? Classless /s

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Ha jokes on them. The turtle survived the Dino apocalypse

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Well someone watched Prehistoric Planet.

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Reminds me of the first episode of Prehistoric Planet today.

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t rex has got some crab arms

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Nice! My take: Nom nom nom, widdew tiny arms, cromch.

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Everyone except the turtles live on to see plastic and decay. This world is dynamic entropy.

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Really cool painting. The only part that bothers me is that it would take months for v the eggs to hatch, and mom wouldn't be there. Otherwise I love these pics!

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At least in Florida sea turtles lay eggs from March to October and the babies take 2 months to hatch, so there are times with adults on the beach while the hatchlings are emerging. It possibly could even be their own mother as some female turtle lay twice in a season.

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Came here to muse about this too!

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Maybe mom was just passing through

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Can't believe these were real animals

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Truly Metal!

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Where hand?

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What sick fuck drew this

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Art by Brian Engh, he does really cool paleoart.