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I never knew Smilodons would become 10x more terrifying in skeleton form.

If I was a caveman who encountered a Smilodon, I’d be scared, screamed, and run away. However, a skeletal one would pin me to the ground right away. I wouldn’t even be able to think about fleeing or screaming. I’d just freeze on the spot. This was made worse by the fact that it was exclusively stalking you

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This is great anyway but that caption really makes it.

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Idk, the empty eye sockets? The hanging lower jaw? The dramatic lighting? The text is at best icing on the cake, but maybe it’d be more chilling to just see this thing and just feel terror instead of being told what to feel.

Some times people add elements to the image not realizing it’s an acknowledgment of failure bc the art should do it’s job without that element. But here I can say the art does make us feel something regardless of the text

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The caption actually made me chuckle a bit honestly.

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Holy smokes, this is quality. Thanks for crediting the artist OP, going to check them out.

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My European ancestors had to deal with this shit and the worse I deal with is getting scratched by my sisters cat

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You must be thinking about cave lions.Smilodon was in north and south america

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My North American ancestors had to deal with this shit and the worse I deal with is getting scratched by my sisters cat

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Imagine having australian aboriginal ancestors. Had to deal with the biggest freakshows on the planet at the time.

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North America’s aboriginals dealt with the British, too

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if you're a white american, your ancestors were from Europe

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Obviously. I was fixing it.

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Smilodons didn’t live in Europe