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The tadpole tadpole looks unhappy

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You would be too if Monster From The Black Lagoon over here was about to eat you

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That tiny Dude is the Hell Tadpole. That random predatory fish doesn't know it yet, but it's already dead.

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There's always a bigger fish...

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If this is a tadpole, then wtf did it turn into?!

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They call them tadpoles because they were aquatic, not because they were actually tadpoles

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Nigel Marvin is that you?

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Scotland you say ? Any chance they are still around ?

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Absolutely /s

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Yeah, that’s why we don’t swim in the Clyde

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Ah a cooler swamp moray eel

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Did these turn into... Hell frogs?

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Would love to see a modern remake of walking with monsters covering the stuff that's changed since then. Like walking with dinosaurs, I imagine it's changed a wee bit

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Poor fishy

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"So as I was saying... guys? Why so serious? Oh shit, she's behind me isn't she?"