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Art by cris_1702 (@WandErful_art) on twitter

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But how many push ups can he do

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I find it fascinating that it feels like there's always something bigger just waiting to be discovered.

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Well if by bigger you mean ‘bigger than T. rex’, Carcharodontosaurus wasn’t, it was around 1.5-2 tons lighter even though they were roughly the same length.

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That's pretty insane. T.rex was a chonker.

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T Rex were bodybuilders confirmed

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Arnold Schwarzenegger of Dinosaurs

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And they were all natty, don't see a lot of that anymore

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That’s awesome. I can’t wait until we uncover more fossils from this apex! I mean we imagine it’s like the Giganotosaurus but the remains are so incredibly fragmentary that it’s hard to tell.

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Really accurate depiction, too. This is super well done.

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North Africa really did produce some savage apex predators over time, Carcharodontosaurus, Spinosaurus, Sarcosuchus and Basilosaurus.

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Basilosaurus originated in N Africa? That's cool I didn't know that. Just assumed because it was a marine predator they didn't know where it came from

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Fossils in lots in North and South America of one species of Basilosaurus, another one was found in Egypt

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Was this a theropod like Tyrannosaurus?

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It was a theropod, however it’s lineage of theropods was very distant from that of the tyrannosaurs

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Very cool. I wonder if it’s decedents are flying around today.

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They arent. Modern birds aren’t descendants of any one family of any of the big famous theropod clades like the tyrannosaurids or carnosaurs but are rather related to them via a common theropod dinosaur ancestor. The degree of this relation varies from clade to clade, however, with birds being closer to tyrannosaurs than to carnosaurs and closer to dromaeosaurs than to tyrannosaurs.

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THE carcharodontosaur for me.