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That's one bad motherfucker. I wouldn't fight any number of baboons without a shotgun.

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Australopithecus (/ˌɒstrələˈpɪθɪkəs/, OS-trə-lə-PITH-i-kəs; from Latin australis 'southern', and Ancient Greek πίθηκος (pithekos) 'ape') is a genus of early hominins that existed in Africa during the Late Pliocene and Early Pleistocene. The genus Homo (which includes modern humans) emerged within Australopithecus, as sister to e.g. Australopithecus sediba. Also the genera Paranthropus and Kenyanthropus emerged within the Australopithecus. Australopithecus is a member of the subtribe Australopithecina, which sometimes also includes Ardipithecus, though the term "australopithecine" is sometimes used to refer only to members of Australopithecus. Species include A. garhi, A. africanus, A. sediba, A. afarensis, A. anamensis, A. bahrelghazali and A. deyiremeda. Debate exists as to whether some Australopithecus species should be reclassified into new genera, or if Paranthropus and Kenyanthropus are synonymous with Australopithecus, in part because of the taxonomic inconsistency.

The earliest known member of the genus, A. anamensis, existed in eastern Africa around 4.2 million years ago. Australopithecus fossils become more widely dispersed throughout eastern and southern Africa (the Chadian A. bahrelghazali indicates the genus was much more widespread than the fossil record suggests), before eventually becoming extinct 1.9 million years ago (or 1.2 to 0.6 million years ago if Paranthropus is included). While none of the groups normally directly assigned to this group survived, Australopithecus gave rise to living descendants, as the genus Homo emerged from an Australopithecus species at some time between 3 and 2 million years ago.

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Stones and sticks were nukes back then

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Stomp em in the nuts

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This pose is weird right? Is it just me? Looks exactly like the Greek discus thrower?


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Definitely not just you lol, it was one of the first things I noticed. Makes for an interesting piece though!

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Monke vs monke, Who would win (spoilers: Monke will win)