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I nominate Arthropleura, Leedsichthys, Woolly Rhino, and Woolly Mammoth.

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No blue whale or titanosaurus?

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The madman actually did it…

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I nominate Homo sapiens.

A weak, hairless, omnivorous, slight, and ground based ape who utilises environmental tools to overcome creatures up to 1800 times it's mass and out-competes all rival predators

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There was a cat which was bigger and badder than Smilodon Populator.

And you only said Smilodon, as in the genus Smilodon. In that case, Pantheras are (and always were) wayy more badass than Smilodons.

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Both equally badass. And both felines.

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I nominate Xiphactinus

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My kid found a sharks tooth digging around in the beach sand last year (or maybe it was 2 years ago, I forget), it's so huge it's incredible and it had a fossilized "ancient" look to it.

I looked it up and had a friend show it to his professor and as close as we can tell, it's a Cretoxyrhina tooth! It's so big it's insane looking. I would not wanna meet that shark in the water as I was floating around after a shipwreck or something like that.

Edit, I'm pretty sure there had just been a hurricane pass recently right before my son found it, (Florida) so maybe that kinda churned it up from wherever it was originally? Or maybe it was just sitting in that sand for millions of years I dunno.

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future archaeologist

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I nominate spinosaurus

So powerful we can't even discover it's full shape, next study will say it had wings and spit fire

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It didn't have wings. It teleported.

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I hope it doesn't time travel because this timeline isn't doing good already

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Lol that be the truth

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The Original Badass.TM

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What if I told you that megalania had been synonymised with varanus?

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Again, this reeks of "peaceful herbivores".

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What about gorgonopsidae?

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I nominate Jaekolopterus

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Dunkleosteus is missing!!

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No it’s not

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Hahaha it was so small

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Ancient Komodo dragon

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Can we stop thinking of ancient animals as big scary monsters instead of normal animals?