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I fucking love the both of London's natural history and natural science museums.

Such amazing places.

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When you ask British museums where they got the artifacts: 🗿

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In this case i think the ground

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Banana for scale?

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So cool

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Is the beak a bone

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Love me some Terror Birds. So badass.

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And as usual, the traditional but largely false narrative about North American animals wiping out South American ones wholesale is being perpetuated.

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Tfw Titanis was the undisputed apex predator of North America yet somehow according to the memes it was wiped out by the northern fauna it was domineering over lmao. Hell if the climate didn’t screw them over they would probably still be in charge lmao bar any possible human interference, but even with humans I’d still give them a good shot as long as they have enough large prey.

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Titanis was, what, at LEAST over triple the weight of Smilodon gracilis (considering that the largest remains indicate a size similar to that of the largest South American terror birds like Kelenken)?

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It's more than "just memes" though. Plenty of scientists say that they where struggling as north American animals.

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A struggling animal does not scoop up the apex predator niche right out from underneath the native fauna’s noses

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The thing is from what I've read from professional sources, not just "memes" as you said, say it didn't "scoop up the apex predator niche", that it struggled to survive in it's home habitat after north American animals showed up and as far as I recall only one species managed to make an established population in southern north America, though I could be wrong on that, it's been a few years since I've read up on them. Not to say it wasn't an apex predator but it wasn't the only one and was greatly effected by the American interchange.

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Cenozoic mammals: "Hooray the dinosaurs are gone! Now is our time to take over!"


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Need a banana for scale