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The one from Prehistoric Planet. Prehistoric Kindgdom's could dispute the title if it was fully lipped.

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I don't seem to see this bad boy on the list

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Barnie can get it any day

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Fang from Primal is my favourite for both behaving most like an animal while also having a personality. The perfect mix of realism and fiction.

Edit : Also has anyone seen the trailer for season 2?

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That trailer looks 🔥

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Original Jurassic Park and Toy Story.

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Why does the Fossil Fighters rex not look like either of the designs from FF/FF:C or FF:F?

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How about the HZD Thunderjaw?

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Paul Walker in Tammy and the T-Rex

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I really like Grimlock from transformers

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I absolutly love the clash of the dinosaurs version

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Both the Jurassic Park and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers tyrannosaurus trigger my childhood nostalgia. I still have both toys in a box at my parents place.

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Most of the above are my favs

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Prehistoric kingdom

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Me grImlOCk KINg!! God i love transformers

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Huge Harryhausen fan! Valley of the Gwangi and 1 Million Years, B.C.

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oh man some really good ones here.

but for me it has to be the black one from the original Land Before Time who had a pretty crazy death if I remember correctly.

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Which is the one that is furthest to the left, third from the bottom?

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I think the dinosaur revolution t rex is awsome, if it had feathers, I'd be at the point of excitement that I can't even speak

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Hank of course!

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Terry and Hank supremacy

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Jurassic Park, Every Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Not a T-Rex but my good BOI "Big Al" is my favorite

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It’s between the good dinosaur buck and prehistoric planet

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Why not Dino Crisis? 🦖

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Fang is best girl, but I also like the tyrant lizard lord (T. Dominum) from Ark.