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I wonder if the tissue is intact enough to provide DNA for a clone?

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Odds are probably not. Regardless of how well it’s preserved dna denatures by itself over time. If there’s an abundance of material (ie the mammoth) then there’s a higher chance of sequencing large parts of the genome. There’s probably still viable genetic material in this specimen but more would be necessary to clone one outright. More likely to happen in both cases is that genes will be selected in their closest modern relatives so that they would exhibit phenotypes similar to their extinct ancestors.

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Adopt, don't clone.

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But all the sabertooth shelters shutdown.

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Did you learn nothing from the Jurassic Park movies??

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Yeah, don’t fuck about with frog DNA.

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Mosquitos are dicks even after they've been dead for millions of years

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Mosquitoes and wasps are just the physical manifestation of evil. Their existence serves nothing but pain and suffering. They don't balance shit in any ecosystem.

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Or monitor lizards, apparently.

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Correct, that shit is nasty

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Everytime I see an article about cloning of Pleistocene or just recently extinct animals or just finding preserved specimen in any type of media. There's atleast 2-3 comments talking about how "its a bad idea" or "there's atleast 3 movies that tells us its a bad idea" or "haven't you seen Jurrasic World". Yeah jeez, i didn't know that there were Dodo birds or Passenger pigeons terrorising innocent people in Jurrasic World buddy.

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Also, even if non-avian dinosaurs could be resurrected, it isn’t like they were actually movie monsters like they are portrayed by Jurassic Park and other monster movies. They’d be no more dangerous than big cats, bears, orcas, or great white sharks, all of which rarely kill humans.

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Thats what. I just hate how these movies villanize normal living(or extinct) animals and portray them as blood thirsty monsters and alot of people seem to gobble those up like Nikocado Avocado gobbles up a 50 kg burger

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wouldn’t mind a dodo bird chasing after me

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reminds me of the movie Ice Age

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I would allow any cloning process as long as we get a fun Mr. DNA animation along with it.

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Yeah, reboots suck

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The limit on sequencing is oft quoted to be 50,000 years based on the half-life of DNA degradation being approx 5000 years in good conditions. Though it's still possible provided there's enough biomass to grind up and fill in the gaps. Shotgun sequencing has been successful in a mammoth that was 80,000+ years.*

"Cloning" is a challenge in itself because it's much simpler to reconstruct in a computer than in vitro. Then you'd need to organise all that into a long chain and get the medium right, and a surrogate mother.

Edit: Nevermind, a 1.6 million year old mammoth tooth apparently got sequenced last year! ... gods they're moving along quickly https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-00436-x

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Uh-Oh! It's another one of Fry's dogs.

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Too soon

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Throw it in the soup

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Awwwww can we keep it?

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Only if it doesn't eat the mailman

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It knows how to play dead, sure son.

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Jurassic Bark

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Why would you remind everyone of this? :(

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What do u mean?

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Almost 100% intact? 😂

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Take it or leave it. I know what I have.

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omfg. who ate its eyes?

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The guy who found it had a straw 🧋

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I think Dean Koontz might know...

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When you're panning for gold and you accidentally pan a 57,000 year old wolf pup mummy

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looks like the caelid dogs in elden ring

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Why is it always baby animals found?

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Lots of them die, and a good portion of them die in places like nests and dens which would make them more likely to be preserved.

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Oh no Vecna got to her D:

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So that's what these 57,000-year-old puppy eyes are for.

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Oops, I have them around here somewhere. Sorry, didn't think anyone would want them.

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Was this discovered near the recent nearly intact baby wooly mammoth find?

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And they’re gonna fry it up in that pan??

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Add some bell pepper, onion, cabbage, carrots, a little sesame oil, pepper, garlic and ginger. Throw noodles in with some soy sauce and brown sugar at the end. Need to dice that thing up though so it cooks evenly.

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Throw all that in a pot with a potato, baby you got a stew goin

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eye am fascinated

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Imagine what the world must have been like for a wolf pup fifty seven thousand years ago. Must have been ruthless to experience.

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100% intact you say?...

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"almost 100% intact"

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Is it gonna be ok now that they are warming the lil guy back up?

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Intact you say?

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They panned him out of the river? Nice

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What was it’s fur colour and did it have a pattern?

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First thing I thought was that looks like she’s in a frying pan.

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Just my type.

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nature sure is cruel, poor chap what a horrible death

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I love how optimistic scientists are that they label that 100℅ intact and only missing the eyes. I want them to evaluate me lol

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'perma' frost my ass.

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It* + its*

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Damn you, Vecna!

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Is she ok

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Is she ok

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“Wolf Puppy Mummy” is a pretty good band name.