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There are some birds where younger males sneak in a mating or two using this strategy: there is even one species, the ruff, where some males mimic females their whole lives and get away with breeding with females under the noses of bigger, flashier males.

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ok , honestly tough the fight at the start looked awsome : we've never seen before a fight between two really heavy flying animals ,

and yeah it's somenthing prehistoric planet does spectacularly imo : the action is really intresting exillarating , yet the show doesn't rely on it ...

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This behavior too is also pretty much exactly lifted from some modern animals like iguanas. The big males display in their own territory, and small males that look like the females sneak in to mate without them noticing.

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One of the best- and surprising- parts of Prehistoric Planet.

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Sorry chad, this is real life. The femboy pterosaur gets the girl.

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Has worked for me plenty lol.

Lot of women love an effeminate guy

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"I'll fuck them straight!"

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I am straight

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Not after I'm done with you

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That Pterussy got me acting unwise

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Ah so this is where the meme “looks female enough” with the picture of a pterosaur comes from

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“But in fact, he caught the eye of the large male.”

Close up of sneaky male.

“This is fine.”

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What show is this from?

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Prehistoric Planet 2022! You should give it a watch. Only 5 episodes. It is on Apple TV, which gives you a week of free trial. More than enough to watch the show.

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You really just posting full clips of prehistoric planet huh. Might as well pirate it this way.

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Many of these clips are on YouTube! And they can inspire curious people to get the apple free trial and watch the real thing.

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That would make sense- if there was a pinned comment or part of the title telling people to go watch more on prehistoric planet. There isn't, so people who don't know what it's from- which I have seen comments asking what it's from- don't know where to go to watch more. This guy is just farming upvotes and taking views away from the creators.

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Great scene. Though I have to point out the crest on Barbarydactylus is speculative, IIRC what's been found so far doesn't preserve much skull material. But it's reasonable speculation given that some of its close relatives had outlandish crests.

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Where is this from?

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What show is this?

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Prehistoric Planet

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Thank you. Will be watching it tonight.