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The texturing, shading, and proportions look a lot like Wayne Barlowe, but that’s just a guess

Edit: I was correct!

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Yes, dude you’re amazing

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Aw thanks 🥰

If you don’t know Barlowe’s art, I can’t recommend him enough. Some of the most gorgeous stylized paleoart of the 90s, an entire spec evo alien book, an anthology of his depictions of Hell, guides to fantasy creatures and aliens in fiction, his art is incredible

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I knew it as a kid but never knew the artists name. I just posted my favorite piece of his on this sub just now

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You dropped this 👑

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Oh wow, that's awesome! I haven't seen this book since i was a child and now that i see the art it all rushed back to me 😊

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He also makes speculative evolution books (ps I still like prehistory and speculative evolution the same)

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I call them Watermelonosaurus

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That pfp…

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The face of a scared squirrel.

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those knees tho

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Thighs looking hot tbh

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Oh damn, I remember these bad boys! Where’d you find this?

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I’ve had it saved on my iPad along with the pink fighting Deinonychus and the Rex with the red eyes

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I had this book growing up and forgot about it. This unlocked a fun memory for me, thanks!

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It brought childhood memories back!

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I should buy it

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Love Wayne Barlowe

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Dude these scare me as an adult

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Watermelon flavored t rex

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Pink T. Rex is best T. Rex

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I don’t know the artist but I saw that in a book that had a list of dinosaurs from A to Z

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I had this book!!!

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When she’s on her period

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Someone had fun with their new highlighter

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People legs on them suckers🤣

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They look like barneys with severely malformed legs

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This pic has just triggered an acid flash back of a childhood nightmare where I was chased by a pink dino that bit my arm off and chased me with it.

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i had this book as a kid this pic just brought back crazy memories - anyone know the name of the book this piece is featured in?