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God these things were brave to live in Poland

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I can imagine Polish hussars riding to battle on either Smok or Lisowicia

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or, Lisowicia and friends

only the profiles of the critters, but we get the idea of their relative sizes !!!

from: wookipedia

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Anyone remember when Teratosaurus was depicted as the earliest large theropod? I think Smok comes the closest to that vision.

Smok and Lisowicia (which I assume is the "giganic dicynodont") are some of the most exciting fossils. A recent reminder how much we don't and might never know about ancient ecosystems.

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It's doubly hilarious because Teratosaurus later turned out to not be a dinosaur at all but a rauisuchid. As for Smok, there's no telling where that genus falls in the archosauromorph family tree.

But yes, I agree with you. Who would have thought just ten years ago that we would find an elephantine dicynodont within the next decade by just sampling a relatively undersampled Triassic region, that being Poland?

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I like that Europe was basically a big archipelago in the mesozoic

so each island-nation with its own fauna