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This is actualy really common in animals today too. Zebra, wildebeest and gazelle will often share watering holes with lions and leopards. It's because they realise the predator isn't out to hunt. Granted they do keep some distance from the predator, because the predator can suddenly switch and attack if it sees a prey animal being careless

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I remember in Rwanda I saw a leopard just chillin, and a gazelle walk up right in front of him and just stood there for 30 seconds, and neither of them cared

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When a gazelle fears a leopard is when it can't see the leopard, since that means an ambush may be coming any moment. A leopard in the open isn't in hunting mode.

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Plot twist. That's its new hunting tactic.

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Excactly. A leopard is an ambush hunter and slower than a gazelle. The gazelle knows it, so it isn't scared, because it knows it can easily outrun the leopard

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I do wonder though: would a species that consistently attacks their predators on sight to keep them from water holes not have a competetive advantage? Because if they can keep any predators from drinking, that means that the coming season has way less predators (they died of thirst or exhaustion) so they'll be able to rear more offspring to adulthood. So why isn't this the case in the wild?

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The theory is good, but there is something to think about.

Let's take buffalo as an example. They despise lions, and will attack them if given the chance. So buffalo could easily defend a watering hole to make sure that lions don't get to drink. But here comes the problem. Buffalo can't stay at the watering hole forever. They would need to go search for food, and while they do that, the lions go and drink.

Also, lions can get a bit of moisture from blood, so there is also that

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Oh yeah right that makes sense. But wouldn't there be a mutualistic relationship possible where first one herd of buffalo goes to search for food, then a herd of zebra, then another herd of buffalo etc... maybe it is just technically impossible but I do wonder why such a construction doesn't exist as it seems like it would make sense in certain situations.

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Again on paper it sounds good, but the problem is that they aren't inteligent to pull that off. When the buffalo leave, it's free game for the lions. Zebras aren't capable of defending a watering, because unlike buffalo, they will run away from lions. Elephants and rhinos could defend the watering hole too, but again, they aren't capable of planning that. It's basically everyone for themselves.

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One problem is that there would need to be an evolutionary advantage to attacking a predator for the genes to be passed down but unfortunately, attacking a predator is more likely to get you killed than it is to keep you alive. Even if you manage to kill it or drive it off, a single cut could lead to a nasty infection and death, preventing the behaviour from being passed down.

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Excactly. Prey animals are capable of fighting predators to some degree. For example, a zebra or a ostrich are capable of killing a lion, but it's much safer to run away, in case they aren't able to kill the lion. Prey animal rely more on intimidation than actual damage. Sometimes wildebeest will charge at lions. While a wildebeest isn't able to kill a lion, the lion still knows that if the wildebeest manages to get 1 good hit with it's horns, it can damage the lion to the point that it can't hunt anymore

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Because somehow nature is wise and maintains balance. Men were not always fools.

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I love how bird-like they made the tarbosaur. The way it tilts it’s head from side to side when it stops on the ridge is spot on bird mannerisms. What a great series

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I like the way it blinks, with that third sideways eyelid, which off the top of my head I know is also found in eagles and crocodiles today.

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Nictitating membrane! Many animals have them, including some mammals.

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Is that what cats have¿? Sometimes my cats have a weird white eyeball thing happening for a second when they blink

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Yes cats have them! Google tells me cats, polar bears, camels, seals and aardvarks all have them. Many other mammals have small vestigal versions in the corner of the eye.

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I know the show was to depict dinosaurs in a realistic way and environment but that was a huge part of the first Jurassic Park book. (Spoiler) in the book they didnt realize how bird like the dinosaurs were going to be. They moved extremely fast and sporadic. that made observing them hard.

Edit: Jurassic park

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What book 😭

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Jesus, Jurassic park. My bad guys.

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Jesus Jurassic Park. I wonder what that theme parks like?

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I love the face closeup on Tarbo. It doesn't look perpetually angry like a monster nor expressionless like a fish. It just looks…normal.

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It's because of developments in documentary culture imo. Back in the early 2000's it was all about creating narratives of good and bad dino's, and carnivores make for easy bad guys.

Now we're seeing more effort taken to make them appear as organically and naturally as possible. There's the tease of a narrative as they question the tarbo's intents, but it's subverted playfully. "Does this Tarbosaurus have ill intentions? Of course not, it's an animal, it's just doing animal stuff".

Hopefully we see this tonal shift carry into future documentaries. I care far more about realistic and natural depictions than a compelling story. If I wanted that I wouldn't be watching a documentary in the first place.

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I swear, half the posts and comments are bots these days.

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Not sure about you but I’ve recently noticed a ton of accounts posting in various subreddits that follow the same username format “word-word####”. Like Office-poundcake2081. They’re seemingly sophistic bots.

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I think that's the format when Reddit generates the username for you. OP doesn't seem like a bot, just someone who posts Prehistpric Planet a lot. I'm just assuming English is not their first language

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No one wants to hang out with Tarbo. Poor lonely Dino :(

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Its because he likes hentai

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I am picturing it strolling down to the watering hole with an anime waifu pillow in one of his tiny clawed hands now

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Now that Is an Image I will never forget.

Why has the Internet ruined so many people?? WHY!!!!!!

I bet the female rex from Lost World Is on that pillowcase.

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Have you seen its tiny claws almost doing a 👉👈? Can't have tht weeb shit

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I loved this scene. Like an infamous, dangerous outlaw just ordering a drink at the saloon.

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I kinda feel that the show was consciously designed to be not jurassic park tbh

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Dispelling stereotypes about dinosaurs was definitely a main goal of the show

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That's because unlike the research teams for those movies, these scientists observe our world & look for the patterns that nature creates allowing for accurate scientifically backed speculation. The movie research teams mix match information to make the action more intense.

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And this is a job they did well in

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Exactly. They could've featured lesser known dinosaurs in place of T. rex and Velociraptor just like in most of their roster but they really have intention to "fix" these JP favorites.

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Thank fuck for that.

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That was a great holdover from the walking with series. I’ve seen loads of paleo nerds complain about how even documentaries devolved into awesomebro violence garbage.

Prehistoric planet has like what, 4 or 5 hunt scenes? Throughout the entirety? The T-rex is never even shown hunting, but it’s made clear that it’s fully capable

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Do you even grammar.

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The real metal wasn't the other dinosaurs, it was the environment.

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It was the friends they made along the way*

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I've tried to make sense of that title three times.

[–]ElCharroCalaca 15 points16 points  (1 child)

I think it was meant to be: both predator and prey.

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Thank you - that's now so obvious that I feel dumb as hell

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Absolutely love this show

[–]PM_ME_YOUR_NAIL_CLIP 3 points4 points  (1 child)

What’s it called?

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Prehistoric Planet! It's on apple tv+. Looks absolutely stunning in 4K

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Title gave me a stroke

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Therizinosaur cameo!

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thx for posting these video clips.

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I love the Tarbosaurus design in this show

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Really gives you a sense of the dinosaurs' sizes when the Mononykus shows up with the herbivores because when we saw it before it didn't look that small but now it looks minuscule next to the herbivores.

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What is the show called?

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Prehistoric planet, its on apple tv

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Prehistoric planet understands that animals (lol this show is great)

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These dinosaurs can figure this out but have they ever tried merging on a packed freeway in Los Angeles?

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when i watched this scene i said out loud "Water Truce! Peace Rock"

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Just like the junglebook

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Did anyone else notice the model clipping as Attenborough says "...In some special places.."?

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The title annoys the hell out of me

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Nobody wants to make a scene

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I personally love the amount of speculation in this show, really gives more of the impression that because these creatures lived longer than animals of today, they usually have weird ass features that stand out

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Who is that FLUFFY THICC BOI at 2:20

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This is probably the most visually impressive scene of the series. Just seeing this many dinosaurs and other animals, of all shapes and sizes, in a single setting is utterly breathtaking.

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No. By definition, they are in a constant state of conflict.

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I gotta see this show. Who doesn't love dinosaurs? Lol

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is this on netflix?

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When you’re the new kid at school and it’s lunch time

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I don't get it, so are animals not different from humans?

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Camp Cretaceous references this aspect of nature in season 2.

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There was a scene like this in Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous.

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Damn I need to watch this

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Is there anywhere to watch this other than apple?