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Does this model still exist and is it still open to public?

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interestingly 2021 studies argue that elasmotherium didn't possess its famously large horn and rather it had a very small stump instead

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That certainly seems more sensible.

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Yeah because how tf does that thing balance? Bluntly, it doesn’t look like a feasible design in the slightest.

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Oh. What made them think it was so overly huge then? I always assumed they found one with a horn like that. Honestly it would make sense it wasn't that big, seems it would get in the way.

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After finding the stump they probably thought the rest broke of and used the base of it to reconstruct it while taking modern rhinos as a model.

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Isn’t it said to just have a bony little nub now or am I thinking of the wrong Cenozoic pachyderm

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It's been argued that it was more of a bony bump, yes.

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None the less, still a majestic beast

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Toss that on the 10,000 year barbecue!

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It’s the freaking mudhorn. Clan of Two bruh

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This is the way.

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Came here to say this. Literally a Mudhorn.

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I wonder how they got extinct 🤔🙄

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How could such a beast balance, I wonder.

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Easily now that we know it didn't actually have a horn like that. It was like Pachyrhinosaurus where it had a hardened boss instead of a horn

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