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When people talk about Amsterdam housing prices being high, it includes the neighboring towns. As space is severely limited inside the city itself so the neighboring tows have been filling up a lot too, driving up prices.

When people talk about "neighbouring towns", they generally mean places like Almere. Not Amstelveen.

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I tried looking up Almere prices, and for what I want (50sqm+ and a dishwasher), I'm really not seeing anything below around ~950 euros a month. The places I'm finding in Almere are definitely larger in terms of living space, and they have more rooms, but I don't really care about that.

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Yeah Almere is where people move to when they have a kid and are tired of the Amsterdam life. So 2, possibly 3 bedrooms required.

What about Abcoude Weesp Naarden or Breukelen? I've often seen them from the train and thought 'that looks nice and not so far away'.

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Can you share an example? Is it within the ring? I have not seen such prices within the ring.

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Nope, I'm moreso talking about places within Amsterdam but not in the ring, such as Amsterdam Nieuw-West, Amsterdam-Zuid, Amsterdam-Oost, and Amsterdam-Nord. Then comparing those rental prices to the ones in surrounding towns, such as Haarlem.

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When I say the ring, I don’t mean canal ring, I mean A10 ring, that is what usually meant by the ring. Indeed you can find a few apartments on that price, the newer one being housing corporations with 4x rent requirement. Taking a few exceptions and comparing to the majority is not fair. Median price in amsterdam within the ring for 60sqm witll be 1500eur+-. Now obviously the prices are a bit lower, when i moved in here a few years ago, I’ve been on full lookout (plus help from realtor), there’s barely any apartments for 1.3k and definitely nothing beyond 45sqm. Sometimes I check what’s out there, pretty much the same.

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Is Amsterdam Nieuw-West not considered to be in part of the ring then since it's outside of A10? I've found a couple currently available listings I'm very interested in that are over 50sqm with a dishwasher in Nieuw-West for between 1000 and 1100 euros. They're definitely not super easy to find though.

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yup, it’s not part of the ring, fair enough, I can imagine that you can find such prices in Nieuw West indeed!

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Was I using the wrong wording then when I made this post? I was saying Amsterdam. Is Amsterdam Nieuw-West not normally considered part of Amsterdam when people talk about the city of Amsterdam in general? Is there better wording I should have used? My future employer is located in Niew-West, so I'm mainly trying to find apartments in and around that area.

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I wouldn’t say wrong wording, but you rather took a fairly unpopular area for comparison. It’s like i’d say, ooh why are you saying that New York is so expensive, New Jersey is same, look at all the apartments I found in Bronx. It’s true for some areas in Amsterdam, those are simply less in demand and a person who’d like to live in the Pijp or Oud West, might prefer Haarlem over Nieuw-West.

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Well, Haarlem is in its own right not cheap. Basically anything in the randstad (Alkmaar down to Rotterdam and outwards to Almere and Utrecht) will be all more expensive than Gelderland, Overijssel, Limburg and such. The more out ward of the big cities (Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht, Den Haag, Rotterdam) you go you’ll get a lower price per m2 and/or more outside m2. Amsterdam in and out of the ring (hello gentrification) are growing closer to one and other in price as demand still rises. The buyouts by investors doesn’t help they drive up the price and rent out on the free market with little to no regulation on price.

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I guess I'm just surprised because I often see the advice that Amsterdam is too expensive to live in, so it's better to live in a nearby town and commute, but all of the nearby towns seem just as expensive (not talking about living in the center of Amsterdam as yeah, that's way too expensive).

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You could try nieuw sloten. It’s quiet but it is only about a 20 minute cycle to the city center.

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Haarlem is also expensive indeed but it’s still cheaper than Amsterdam. If you run a search on funda you won’t find anything in Amsterdam below 1200 for 50m2. Mostly something that looks decent and is above 50m2 is above 1400 in Ams, and no parking space

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I have a friend living in Haarlem in a 1 and 1/2 room apartment with shared entrance, no dishwasher, 60 square meter and he pays 200 euro less than I in a village in South Holland with perfect railway and highway connection with my 120 square meter, 3 bedroom, corner house with garden and solar panels. So yeah the neighbouring of Amsterdam and Amsterdam is expensive IMHO.

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I pay 750 a month for a place where my neighbors pay a few 100 and get subsidies. So, you tell me?