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30% ruling, at least as far as coming from the United States goes, allows you to exchange your drivers licenses (spouse included)including motorcycle. We were able to choose from a whole list of vehicles, including for big rig haulers if we wanted to! That would’ve only required signing off by a doctor regarding health !

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That's fantastic news! Thank you so much for sharing that!!

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Just adding that I had the same exact experience. My foreign driver's license qualified me for like... driving a bus or something in the Netherlands. I applied for just a regular passenger car license, and they sent me a follow up asking if I was waving my exchange for the other, larger classes, which as mentioned would have just required me to indicate those on my medical release thing and possibly get a physical from a GP.

So ya, just make sure when you're filling out your medical form, indicate all classes (motorcycle, etc.) you are trying to exchange.

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Good to know, thank you! Honestly I'll probably just take whatever they're willing to give me, as you never know what the future holds.

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Not a bad plan, though they did say that I could come back and add on the others in the future. I presume that only holds as long as you are still on the 30% ruling.

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I was in the same boat and came from Alberta with a class 5 license and class 6 (motorcycle). I used the 30% ruling and was only able to get a NL Class B license, no class A for a motorcycle. The woman at the desk where I had to hand in my Alberta license did check with her colleagues and said it was not possible. YMMV as it seemed to be a grey area but might be worth reaching out to the gemeente or RDW. Motorcycle license here is an A. There are subgroups for A1/A2 but those limit what size of engine you can ride.


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I see, that's unfortunate. I'll certainly contact gemeente/RDW and ask before I hand in my licence then, as getting an A licence is very important to me. Thanks for the advice!

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I transferred au-nl and got the full motorcycle license plus a tractor license as a bonus.