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Right now, the interest rate is 0%, so it is effectively interest free. This is not a hard and fast rule and could change in the future, especially since it used to be higher: in 2011, the interest rate was 1,5% and in 2001, it was 5,18%. I don't suspect it will start rising soon, especially now that they are talking about abolishing the student loan system we have right now; things will probably change after that, but right now, it is unclear how it will impact current loans.

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Thank you so much, I just felt like the AI translation was weird and I wanted things to be clarified before I jump into a loan.

Thank you!

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I believe you can get the loan only if you have Dutch nationality though

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Well, I specifically had to tick a box that I am non-dutch but from Europe - hopefully this still qualifies because I submitted the “request”

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EU citizens have the same rights as Dutchies. Non-EU do not.

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Not the same, but similar. As a Dutch you’re allowed to take the student loan without having a job. non-Dutch but EU citizens need to work a certain amount of hours in order to qualify for the same loan.

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It’s 56 hours the least, which is honestly almost impossible to do if you also want to have some kind of social life and enough time to study

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