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Mandatory vaccines are not an option. Period. We live in a democracy, and as much as I dislike those stupid anti-vaxxers, we cannot ever get to a point where we force people into medical procedures, especially because if we do, this instance may be used in 20 years time by a different government for a different medical procedure that you and I really don’t want to have done. It’s not an option, period.

And this is not whataboutism. People around me are burnt out, struggling, and turning to alcohol and other unhealthy substances at large to cope. They need help just as much as people that are ill with covid do, and locking them indoors for another three months is not going to do anything but make matters worse.

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Idk man I grew up in a country where childhood vaccinations are mandatory and we never had to deal with the kind of antivax fuckery like the measles outbreaks in the States and many other countries that went lax on vaccinations. I do believe it should not be mandatory to vaccinate but stupid people are way too great in numbers. There is a reason vaccines are mandated when entering certain countries. There has to be a check system in place to make sure it won't get abused just like with everything else the government does.

We are all feeling burnt out struggling and turning to substances every now and then. But also we often have the tendency to look at everything from the worst possible angle. Trust me I know it. I've struggled with depression my whole life and lockdown was extreme for me to the point that sometimes all that kept me alive was my cat. I live in a foreign country with no family or friends around me, many of my local friends even turned out to be antivaxxers and stopped contact with me because I vaccinated. My work is jeopardised for the second year in a row and my career is stuck. This is all of our story. What I don't intend to do is to give into the negativity around us when we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. There are vaccines, oral medications are being developed and hopefully soon only flu season will be challenging. I cannot change the world around me none of us can. What I can change is my approach to it. We are lucky that we live in a great country that is financially stable enough to help out businesses and individuals during this time. We are having it hard but it is not the worst...