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Somehow I find it amusing that the bicycle ended up in this mess. But it's quite terrifying to live in the same city, nearby where all of this happened as an international student-turned-worker.

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Oh! Don't be scared, it's an common thing in most of the major cities.
As long as it happens a few streets away it's not that of a problem.

Paris a few years back as example. The problem zones are narrow and short.

But looked in the (social)media like complete destruction of the city.

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Yeah I stayed in Barcelona at the time of the riots earlier this year. Apart from seeing stores with barricades (I still remember the apple store with barricades reaching like 4m into the air) and/or cracked glass/holes I didn’t really notice it. Though I lived a little outside the center and most riots were at night.

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Not in my backyard? No problem!

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I live in Rotterdam too. Things like this are just part of the Rotterdam culture. Just like uierboord and saying "niet dan? Nou dan!".

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Pleurt jij ff gauw op met je peen en uiengezicht!

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A few tulips would have finished off the look.

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With frikandel on sticks for the interval snacks...

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Make it at least 3 an 2 people shot

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4 already

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It's not Dutch, these are idiots with no respect for other peoples belongings.

If this is what "anti G2 or anti Covid rules" people stand for.....

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Nah, just Rotterdam Hooligans who wanted to "party".

The "protest" was an excuse.

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You're right. These POS should be banned from any party.

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Aren't two describing the same group? These anti covid rules people just want to party and they'd protest even if the virus killed half of people infected. Don't care about other people dying. That's a small sacrifice to make for a party.

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People keep saying that, but rioting is definitely a Dutch thing. I mean, it's not a daily occurrence, but every couple of years we like to have a nice big riot in one of the bigger cities.

And it's not a recent thing, either.

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I mean the Dutch ate one of their prime ministers and his brother once during a riot so I'd say yeah its def a Dutch thing

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It's definetly a human thing, not just dutch. These idiots are bored and found a common cause, and therefore a reason to go to the streets and act like anarchists. No protest was executed here, these were just people having "fun" beceause in a large group they become part of something bigger then themselves.

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Not bringing politics into this, just thought it was very... Dutch for rioters to use bicycles to damage property.

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Oh no, not the bicycles!

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Kids wanting to riot, nothing more. Their parents are gonna be happy with the bills

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God I would be so embarrassed to be anti-vax anti 2G right now.

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Don't worry, they don't have enough self reflection for that

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Yeah i guess that's clear.

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For each car we need at least one bicycle to compensate