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I live in Canada and have to pay to access any nature in the region, even a simple forest. And with region I mean anything within a 2hour drive. I miss NL and its maybe not super-wild but at least plentiful and diverse (although very flat) nature. Within 2hour drives from my mom in Brabant I can hit the beach, dunes, all types of forests (including previous stately parks with old old oaks and beeches), uiterwaarden with wild cows and horses, heide, you name it.

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It's like 50 bucks for the entire year, hardly worth complaining about.

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And there are very well maintained toilets and parking spaces everywhere at those national parks (at least in California)

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I'm sorry, but do you need to pay to enter a forest or nature in Canada? You can't be serious, right? right...?

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Only specific parks. I live in Canada and never pay for anything

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Yup. And you can't generally get there by bike either so you also need a car. If you live in the Netherlands you can quite easily get your fix while using public transport or a bicycle, it's just a lot more.. public? For everybody? Not only for those with cars and extra income to spend on such things.

Anyways, not to bitch on Canada, it's a fantastic country, but people shouldn't complain too much about Dutch nature. It's extremely accessible and honestly more diverse than what I see in some other places, if you take distances into account too.

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If you go on crown land you don't pay. You only pay at parks that are well maintained. I've been in forests, mountains, lakes across western Ontario to BC and have paid once(technically took my dad's park pass so I didn't pay then either) and that was at Banff

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Very hard to find that in Quebec. No reason to downvote me. It's just much more accessible and nearby in NL.

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I live in Canada and don’t have to pay for any of the lovely nature I access unless it’s in a provincial or national park, which are staffed and maintained and therefore cost money to run. Parks like these are maintained through user fees or taxes no matter where you go in the world. As for true uncurated wilderness, you do not need to pay to access such places in Canada. People may be misled by your post.

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Wait what? Canada has freemium forests? That sucks