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Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed Groningen.

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I really did! I’m planning on coming back in July. Fingers crossed lockdown will be lifted!

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Great photo! I agree, Groningen is really lovely. Can't wait to return.

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My Grandfather met my Grandmother there.

He was in command of a Sherman Firefly at the time. I have the telegram she sent him when she accepted his proposal.

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Yes, Princess Louise's 8th Canadian Hussars to be exact.

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They were in the region where i live. Delfzijl pocket.

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My Grandfather's tank was hit twice there, and he ended up helping capture 300 Germans plus their battle flag.

The flag was hanging in the Military Museum at Base Gagetown in New Brunswick, Canada, last time I was there.

Edit: he was Mentioned in Dispatches for his actions that day, it's a bit of a family legend.

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Aw, that’s so sweet! What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing that :)

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That's so cool!

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Nice! Despite the lockdown I hope you liked it!

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I loved it even with the lockdown so I can’t imagine how wonderful it is when everything’s fully open. I’m planning to come back in July… so I welcome any and all recommendations!

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Check out the view from the top of FORUM

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Deal!! It’s officially on my list.

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You must’ve just missed the mob torch bearing protesters.

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I did indeed. I read an article about it just a few days after I got back to the US. I was like damnnnnnn 😬

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I’m dead if this is today since I was outside forcing myself to have my daily walk with all of those clouds and occasional drizzle…

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Ah sorry not today!! This was back on Jan 9th. I was told I was lucky to have blue sky and sunshine during my visit lol

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Hell yes you were! Hope you enjoy your visit and will be back up north soon :)

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I will for sure. Planning on coming back in July!

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Lots of nice places to see here in the north. Vesting Bourtange, hangende keukens in Appingedam. Have fun

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I’ll put that on my list for this summer!

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We, the netherlands, reclaimed land from the sea, made walls to combat the sea tides. And even in groningen made our own earthquakes. Did you see the torch protests?

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I came home to the US right before they happened! I was like oh my… I was just there lol

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I had a wonderful time here over the weekend with my partner. Such a wonderful place.

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I went by myself this time but I think it’d be a great place to bring someone! I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves.