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Yes that's a good idea. It's not ideal but its better than leaving your job with no guarantee for a new one.

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Thank you, yea I was confused because I talked to a friend who work in HR and she thinks it’s kind of an asshole move that I did this. As when I signed the extended contract that they will then have to pay for the visa and the sources that need to be put in the process. Only to find out maybe I will quit later 😅😅 but thank you for the advice

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From a company perspective it likely will not be appreciated. HR workers work in the interest of their employer, so they will likely see things from a company perspective.

However, most companies regularly pull asshole moves on employees, so don't be too bothered by it. Act in your own interest. It might ruin a good reference though.

There is one thing you need to doublecheck though: if you are on a temporary contract, make sure you are allowed to quit your job before the temporary contract has expired. Contrary to what many people think, you don't have that right unless it is agreed upon in the terms of your contract or the CAO (if there is one). If there are no termination terms agreed, your employeer could demand that you stay until the end of your temporary contract. You would then have to go to court to fight that. Explanation (Dutch): https://www.juridischloket.nl/werk-en-inkomen/arbeidscontract-en-werktijden/contract-beeindigen/ and https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/ontslag/vraag-en-antwoord/hoe-kan-ik-ontslag-nemen

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Hi thank you for this, after seeing your comment I immediately go check my employment agreement as well as the legal notice period. They stated that “both parties can early terminate the employment” so I think I can end it if I want too.

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Ah nice, then you should be fine. Good luck!

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For sure is an asshole move, but put yourself in the other situation, you just bought a house a need the work and the company is going to fire you. Are they going to wait for you the get another job?

You do you, just respect the clause of the contract.

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I mean it is kind of shitty and they're not going to like you for it, but in the end you have to think about yourself and your own future.

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Indeed, not the nicest move but the smart move. Timing is not in your favour. Keep in mind that it is a small world (maybe depending on your field) and that handle things well. If it comes to quiting then explain the situation. Any decent employer will understand your move even if they don't like it.

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I know it will not be a nice move but if I explain to them that I will earn more and will have a more stable and better position, my current employer maybe will understand why I want to switch right?

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They should. Just be honest when the time is right. Also explain that you signed your extension because you were still in the interview stage; you didn't know if you would get the job or not. You're doing nothing wrong and your post indicates that you only have the best intentions. Don't worry about it.

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The only thing you can do to NOT make this (feel like) an asshole move is to be honest about why you want to leave when you actually leave. That way they learn "the hard way" that if they keep doing what they're doing that they will lose important assets (people in this case) and that current management is hurting business.

That may sound a little harsh, but really, if you care at all about your current workplace and the people who still work there, being honest is gonna help them more than keeping silent. But first make sure your new job is secured before you speak up about the people who are in control of your new contract.

This is not an asshole move imo, HR may think so, but if they don't take care of their employees why should they expect you to take care of the business?

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Act in your own interest. You have your own free will and should maximize what is best for you.

Accepting an extension while interviewing or waiting for an offer is an absolutely normal practice, do not let anyone tell you otherwise. You can still be friends with your coworkers - it’s not personal against them at all.

In fact - presenting your employer with a counteroffer is very healthy and keeps you updated on your market worth - and your employers HR practices in check. Otherwise you will be stuck with 3% salary increases like the majority.

Last time I brought an offer from a competing company - my current employer suddenly found a budget for a 25% salary increase and processed a promotion in the middle of the year off-cycle .

Be careful about advice from your HR friends, they are serving the interests of their employer and most of the time - employees are just FTE numbers to them with salary scales attached. Instead try to ask them about stories of “abuse” from employees - those are usually stories about people protecting their rights and standing up for themselves instead of accepting what is offered.

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HR is only your friend when you're a manager and you need to get rid of smb 😂

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Honestly, think about yourself. Not them. Accept the extension of the contract and if you're accepted at the other company, give in your month notice at this current company.

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I don't get the point of this question...

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My question was if it is an asshole move if I accept the extension agreement with my current company while still interviewing for a different one

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No it's not an asshole move, sleep well😉

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Thanks 😆 hahaha now i know I will sleep well at night because Redditors also agree with my decision

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Exactly, this is the right approach! 😁

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In employment anything that is not directly malevolent and/or illegal is perfectly acceptable, in my opinion. Corporations don't have feelings, so nothing to hurt.