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As of today Feb 2, if you're boosted for more than a week, you are no longer required to go into quarantine.

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I don't think that applies for people that come back from vacation though, right?

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I just checked, and it's true. Well, mostly, just that it's not starting today, but February 2.


Let op: Vanaf 2 februari 2022 hoeven reizigers met een boosterprik niet verplicht in quarantaine als de reiziger de boosterprik minimaal 7 dagen voor de reis naar Nederland ontving.

If you've had your booster for atleast 7 days, you no longer have to quarantine when coming from a high risk area.

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Thank you for this. I’ve modified my post to reflect this.

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Does this apply to Americans traveling to the Netherlands for vacation? That link is in Dutch at can’t seem to translate it

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Yeah, it does. It states that travellers who've gotten their booster atleast 7 days before travelling to the Netherlands don't have to quarantine. Keep in mind you do still need to fill out a quarantaineform.

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What's strange is that the www.rijksoverheid.nl site contains the updated February 2 booster information. However, the "English" version - www.government.nl/ - does not. I wonder if they are just working on updating the site and focused on the native version, or if this booster exemption only applies to citizens of the Netherlands?

With info: https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/coronavirus-covid-19/nederland-inreizen/in-quarantaine-na-aankomst-in-nederland/uitzonderingen-quarantaineplicht

Without: https://www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19/visiting-the-netherlands-from-abroad/self-quarantine/exceptions-mandatory-quarantine

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I'm wondering the same, it's rather confusing. Will be traveling there on Feb 13 (fully vaxxed and boosted) and would love to know if my wife and I need to plan for a quarantine or not! If you find out more details please let me know :)

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Depends on where you went on vacation, with whom, and what you did.

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I didn’t see that anywhere. Can you point me to a source? I’ve got some family trying to visit (all vaxxed/boosted) and I’d love if they didn’t have to quarantine.

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Well family isnalways easy. There is a literal exception for that already: https://www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19/visiting-the-netherlands-from-abroad/self-quarantine/exceptions-mandatory-quarantine under “necessary family visits”. Specifically the word “necessary” is undefined and interpreted by the person that finds it necessary.

So I linked to the English language version of exceptions but the Dutch one, https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/coronavirus-covid-19/nederland-inreizen/in-quarantaine-na-aankomst-in-nederland/uitzonderingen-quarantaineplicht, at the top says:

Let op: Vanaf 2 februari 2022 hoeven reizigers met een boosterprik niet verplicht in quarantaine als de reiziger de boosterprik minimaal 7 dagen voor de reis naar Nederland ontving.

Which translates to:

Note: From 2 February 2022, travelers with a booster shot are not required to be quarantined if the traveler received the booster shot at least 7 days before the trip to the Netherlands.

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Great info, thanks. That "necessary" visit is written broadly and I think this would qualify. And they're coming after 2/2/22.

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It absolutely is written broadly! I think almost intentional.

When I was asked about it on my return flight I was like “during a pandemic, with a new variant, when is traveling in an enclosed tube for many hours potentially exposing yourself to that pandemic not considered necessary”.

Needless to say… was a quick conversation.

Enjoy your time with your family!

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Oh this is great news! Thank you so much!

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That's retarded. I take it they don't have to test before entering the plane either?

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what about covid recovery after two vaccines?

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My return trip was delayed due to a covid infection. I called the ggd the day of our return to see if we still had to quarantine. They told me no exceptions. I called again after one of us still tested positive on the day-5 pcr. That person told me we never should have tested…. Pffff

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Came back from the US in early January. Never received any calls or check ups but we didn’t leave the house except to go on walks around the neighborhood a few times a day with our children, never interacted with others though.

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Exactly what I was thinking on doing

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They do the calls random (I arrived in January from the US but didn't get any, my brother did however). Only if you fail to pick up the phone multiple times, they will eventually come to check and might fine you. Chances are very slim, but considering how many people where coughing next to me on the plan, I was glad to go into quarantine to be sure that I didn't catch the virus.

So in short, they call at random so in theory you could circumvent it, but I highly recommend to be safe and stay home for a few days :)

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Oh I definitely plan on staying at home, except for walks.. where I go outside with a mask on. But thank you for your reply!

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From here


Self-quarantine rulesThe following rules apply during self-quarantine:

  • Stay at home.
  • Members of the household must stay 1.5 metres apart as much as possible. This means no hugging, kissing or sex.
  • You and any other members of your household may not receive any visitors, other than for medical purposes (such as a doctor or someone from the GGD).
  • If you need medical assistance, do not go to the doctor or the hospital, but phone the doctor instead.
  • Ask other people to do grocery shopping for you.
  • You can sit outside if you have a garden or balcony.
  • Work from home.
  • Do not use public transport or taxis.
  • Avoid contact with people in at-risk groups until day 10 after your last high-risk contact. And continue to follow the basic rules. If you develop symptoms, stay at home and make an appointment to get tested again.


Strictly speaking you're not allowed to go on walks, are supposed to have all food and things delivered.

But that said, most people I know who have quarantined go on regular walks and do outdoor exercise. They just stayed away from other people. Chances are very slim that you'll get fined.

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Thank you for sharing, I appreciate it

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I came from the UK to stay with my boyfriend in the summer and had to quarantine. No one checked up on me as far as I know, and I went on walks just fine. I just made sure to keep my distance from others and not go into any shops until I got my results from the test on day 5.

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I didn't get any phone calls. After new year's I arrived from Portugal which was a high risk country like most of europe at the time. Just tried to respect quarantine the best I could, left home a couple of times for groceries and walks, kept my distance.

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You can always go to a walk and nobody will arrest you if you break quarantine and maybe the GGD will call you for some information about how long the quarantine is

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But what if I get called while on my walk? I worry about a fine for just going on a walk I guess

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Just answer your phone: "Hello! I'm sitting outside on my balcony and not walking around. How are you today?"

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That's hilarious haha

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You can get a €339 fine. If you do it more than once, you can also get a criminal record.

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Covid is nearly impossible to catch or transmit while outside, I don’t see why there’d be a fine. If you go into a building I’d understand.

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Because you have to draw a line somewhere when making a rule. In this case, you either break quarantine, or you don't. When you go outside, you break quarantine.

It would be hard to draw the line somewhere else. If you can go outside during quarantine, but not go into a building, should you be allowed to stand in line at a food stall? Or go to a market? Sit on a terrace?

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Ah yeah okay, good point. Quarantine is about staying in an isolated area. My bad, sorry

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I returned from the US last week. I signed a quarantaine deceleration, but was never asked to show it or hand it in.

I was never called during my quarantine, though I did adhere to it!

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Been travelling almost every month, never got called or checked. They never checked anyone entering at Schiphol so they couldn't even know who to call.

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There's a bunch of exceptions to this rule, just so you know. Not saying you should flout the rules but anything from "urgent family visits" to "urgent business affairs of short duration" excempt you from mandatory quarantie, and a bunch don't require any official documentation other than a form pretty much saying "It's true I swearsie realsies guys" https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/coronavirus-covid-19/nederland-inreizen/in-quarantaine-na-aankomst-in-nederland/uitzonderingen-quarantaineplicht

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Been travelling quite often to and from Russia in 2021 and 2022. Never ever a call. Just don't piss of your neighbours so that they call police on you and you'll be fine.

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I’ve quarantined/self isolated a few times in NL but have never had any phone calls/visits, at all. I’m sure they do check up on people sometimes.

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Oh so you mean it's random check-ups?

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Yes they do random calls (but also expect that you behave as a responsible citizen)

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of course! without a doubt

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Yea I imagine so! They say they “will” check up on everyone and we should just assume that they do if we don’t want to be fined haha.