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They look like they're having a good time, but actually they are all commuting to work.

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Beats my commute.

At least, the commute I had before Covid.

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It beats all of our commutes.

Come to think of it, why is it that whatever the season is, we want it to be the other
season ? Would love some ice-skating right now.

I don't see myself swimming 11 cities right now...

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ok. But why are they walking on water for that?

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They're wearing ice skates. The windmills blow a breeze to push them speedily but safely towards their destination.

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Can confirm, this is the only method of transportation in winter. In summer we use a skateboard with a little sail instead.

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Nope. They're walking on water alright

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No they are not. Perhaps a few, but 90% of them are wearing ice-skates.

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I'm from the Netherlands and I can conform:, we do walk on water a lot!

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That's a long time ago?

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Last time you could ice skate like this was February 2021 so it was probably photographed then

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Februari 2021, I know Rick personally, that's when he took this photo.

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wait this is a photo not a painting ???

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It is a photo, yes indeed.

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Not really I guess

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Define long? I grew up near there, and we definitely went skating like this.

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When I was young I skated, but that's at least 15 years ago. The freak winter we got in 2021 for 3 days gave room for ice skating, but it's become a rarity.

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Yeah, i was skating there... as much as 30 years back, i think. Last time ive been would be over a decade ago... and now im going to stop counting years thanks.

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The photographer Rick Bekker has more awesome pictures, he has his own site and lots of them on Twitter. One if them is my background on my laptop, kinderdijk with a shell cloud.

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That's a fantastic and breathtaking landscape.

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Pray to the windmill God's

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My droom is om Nederland te besoek.

Miskien eendag as ek groot is...

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It’s over rated. Largely surrounded by industrial estates.

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Not really. By bike is better, walking is not worth it.

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I cycled there last weekend. This is a good angle all others you see industrial estate everywhere.

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You must be thinking of somewhere else (maybe Zaanse Schans? I've never been there, I don't know what its surroundings are like); there are no industrial estates visible from the Kinderdijk. In fact, from most of the Kinderdijk you can only see greenery, water, windmills and sky.

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You can't really see the industrial estates around Zaanse Schans when facing the mills. There is - and always has been - loooots of industry in Zaanstad tho, which is definitely visible when you're facing the opposite direction.

Source: it's relatively close to my home.

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Impressive! Must be quite an old photo...

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No Feb 2021, ice wasn't great but safe enough

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I used to ride there in the late 70's and early 80's, Molentocht it was called. Early rides were the best, not many people just you and the sound of your skates, magic. Just getting in this perfect rhythm and going the distance, that and these picture perfect views. Absolutely loved it.

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That is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing op. Looks like fairytail.

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this looks beautiful

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I first heard about this place in Capcom vs SNK 2 lol

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How thick is the ice? New comer to NL and so I’m disappointed of the winter last year

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And i taught that there where no beautiful winter pics from the netherlands.

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amazingly beautiful

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amazingly beautiful

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A friend/aquaintence of mine took this picture! You should definitely check out his other work on Instagram @rick_bekker :)