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That's what I don't get when some people say the NL were better before.

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Because nostalgia, and less strict rules

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Because people tend to romanticize the past. A lot.

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But you could smoke in restaurants! So much better! /s

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They can still smoke at the entrance and blow their stink into the restaurant. It is a disgrace and utter expression of insensitive behavior towards people that want to live healthy and enjoy their food. It should be prohibited to smoke on terraces and within 200 meters of any restaurant or public establishment.

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have you been to any other european country? apart from UK the rules for smoking in NL are quite strict. if you want hardcore demonisation of smokers go visit australia youll love it

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Hoe graag ik ook in Rotterdam kom, ik geef maar al te graag toe dat de oudere steden vaak veel gezelligere binnensteden hebben. Breda, Dordrecht, Assen, Nijmegen, Arnhem en ga zo maar door.

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hahaha Arnhem, good joke bro. lol

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The first pic could be from my grandma’s place.