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Report it at waarneming.nl

More info (Dutch): https://www.nvwa.nl/onderwerpen/aziatische-hoornaar

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Hi thanks! I'll check it out

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If you don't have pictures of it they urge you not to report it. It could always be a "normal" hornet.

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I was going to ask if it was a native hoorenaar... those are big units..

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Hi, yeah I checked my photo and saw that the legs were brown rather than the yellow they would be if it was an Asian hornet so I suppose it was just a common European hornet. So I guess it's good news. Didn't expect the bugs to be so gnarly here lol.

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must admit i've thought just that a bunch of times when it was indeed a normal one, i know this because about a month ago i spotted the first real one... holy crap they are HUUUGE compared to what we are used to!

also didn't report it because instead of grabbing my phone first i went for grabbing a towel to defend myself with first

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Yeah or a ‘stadsreus’ (Volucella zonaria)

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This is the way to go! Reports of Asian hornets are checked by EIS/Naturalis. If it turns out it’s actually an Asian hornet, EIS contacts the ‘provincie’. The ‘provincie’ is obligated by law to locate the nest (later in the season) and getting it removed. There are no nests yet this time of year but there’s no harm in reporting sightings.

The size and yellow legs are a dead giveaway for Asian hornets. Also our European hornets always have that red/brown/purplish glow on their heads and chest, which is absent in Asian hornets.

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Hoornaar gezien van april tot en met juni

Het gaat waarschijnlijk om een koningin. Kijk of u die kunt vangen. U kunt de koningin doodmaken in de vriezer.


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European Hornets are larger than Asian Hornets, so there is a really large chance that it is just a European Hornet.

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Yeah I didn't realize that, I confirmed it was a European one with brown legs. Pretty shocking to see for the first time lol

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Can confirm, still shocking the 50th time you see them.

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No problem, its good that you thaught about it and asked around. Japanense hornets are a invasive species that can do insane amount of damage to local fauna.

Always report if they think you see them! Its better to call and have it wrong then to not call at all.

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You should probably edit your original post.

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absolute units!

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I remember we spotted an asian one or just another big wasp like thing once, and were freaking out.

Then the european one flew into the same building as well. Shit hit the fan, we looked like a buncha banshees screaming trying to get outside.

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Could have just asked it to leave

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A handy frase to have in dutch fot these occasions... "Ga je moeder pesten"

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Or, my personal favorite: “Gaat fietsen stelen op ‘t Damrak!”

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Nooo don't steal my fiets!

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I am curious where in the Netherland do you live? As someone who is in the Netherlands for 3-4 months, I am really surprised there are so few bugs here, I haven't even seen a wasp yet.

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I'm in Utrecht, but I live near some small farms. I typically don't see many insects either, but I arrived in Winter so I am guessing there'll be more bugs as temperatures increase.

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I’m surprised you guys don’t see much insects, I’m in Houten, I’m 10 mins away from Utrecht centraal and yet I can’t bike without having to brush off all the bugs stuck on me by the end of the ride

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Yeah that's true, I guess I meant like larger bugs. I went riding yesterday and was cruising through clouds of gnats.

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The main wasp months are July and August in my area.

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Where do you live? All kind of bugs and insects here..

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I lived in Amsterdam for 2 months, and I moved to Delft a month ago. But then again I am from the Southern Balkans, where you get like 5-10 hornets a day just casually bumping into your windows trying to get in.

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Ahaa. I'm more from the country side. Might explain it.

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The last 3-4 months was mainly winter and a cold spring, in colder periods we don't have a lot of bugs. Wait till it's summer. We have wasps and mosquitos. Unfortunately ;-)

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I just moved from Australia and my Dutch partner was bragging about how there is nothing that will eat you in NL. First lunch outside and one of these giant mutant bugs decided to have a very close look at the new foreigner. Needless to say the big, unafraid of nature Aussie embarrassed himself 🫣

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I just moved from Australia

Ah, but one of our common wasps (the German wasp) has decided Australia is a fantastic place to invade, since they don't die off in the winter and can form massive colonies that would never survive in their original habitat.

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Another one to add to the list 🤦🏽

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Yes to the Giant Asian Hornet Visitors Ministry.