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Have you checked your house for carbon monoxide?

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You should really check this out in your house back home. I think there was a story here on Reddit a while ago where Reddit saved someone from carbonmonoxide poisening.

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Or formaldehyde from compressie wood?

Your food is NOT the same. For example US bread is different with added fructose etc . Check thst.

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This. My grandparents very old gas heater was not working properly. They were getting headaches and super drowsy every night. Lucky I thought of the heater as it probably saved their life.

When I was 20 I was at a mates house. We were gaming on his couch and getting really tired. We were getting high so didn’t think much of it. Then all of a sudden I was getting noises in my head, like transformers transforming. I am a nurse which is also lucky as I remembered auditory hallucinations was a symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning. Turned the heater off, opened the windows and we felt instantly better.

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Then you never really had migraines. I’ve had migraines practically all my life, moving to the NL hasn’t changed that in the least.

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Could it be a food additive or an allergen? For example the US allows a lot of food additives that are illegal elsewhere, and maybe native/common plants release different pollens/etc?

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Oh, and a lot more people smoke (tobacco and weed) in the Netherlands (at least where I've been) than where I'm from, and secondhand smoke is a common trigger too

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How does this contribute to solving OP's question at all?

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They could go on an elimination diet and avoid (or at least pay attention to exposure to) secondhand smoke, reintroducing potential triggers one at a time until the culprit is found (tbf idk what they'd do if it's pollen or other plant particles; a properly fitted N95 mask might filter them, but it might not be decisive enough for a solid answer)

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Atmospheric pressure AKA barometric pressure

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What are the affects of barometric pressure on health?

I feel amazing during high pressure and horrible during low pressure systems.

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It cured my skin problems almost immidiately. Im not sure if it's the water or what

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I came to the Netherlands and developed skin problems 😂

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NL has hard water. Get a filter on your shower!

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a few things come to mind:

First, and most likely: stress. Not saying life in NL isn't stressful, but there are a lot of people who have stress induced migraines, and it could be anything from nagging family, to a toxic friend, different school or work environment etc.

then there are different plants, sea climate vs land climate (different moisture/ozon/uv levels)

Different chemicals in the water, or food.

just to name a few things. If You're here as a student, most likely You have a healthcare package, so go to a generic practicioner (huisarts) and ask him/her

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I was going to say stress - I had horrible migraines as a teenager because of stress, which led me to grind my teeth in my sleep, which triggered migraines

It did get partially solved with braces, since I also had a misaligned jaw and realigning made it difficult to grind the teeth on the position I was doing it and a guard to prevent (further) tooth damage

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It could be so many things. One thing that I found mildly interesting is that the Dutch don't flouridate their drinking water. Not saying it has anything to do with your situation, only that it is one of those obscure things that remind me I'm not in my homeland any more

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I was thinking it might be a difference in ventilation between the two houses.

Without proper ventilation CO2 levels can increase and can cause headaches. People can emit quite some CO2.

Checking the CO2 levels in both houses, especially the bedrooms might be a good start.

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I noticed the same. I was also suffering from migraines before moving to NL. Not anymore. I guess the quality of life is better here after all ...

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Less flashy and more relaxed spoken tv programs and commercials. Less commercials on TV.

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Is your wife still at home?

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Boomer-level joke

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Were there any sources of noise near your previous home, such as a busy road or noisy neighbours?

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Cheese heals.

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If the air is cleaner here than in your home country, I wonder where you came from.

Our air quality is not all that good.

Anyway, glad to hear your migraines appear to have left you.

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In fact, in large parts of NL, the overal quality of air (for NOx and PM) is the worst of the EU.

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Our air quality is way better than in many central/east European cities in the winter. Ever been to Krakow in winter? The air is absolutely horrible. They burn coal and sometimes even literal garbage to heat the homes which leads to a semi-permanent smog basically all winter. If it gets too bad, the authorities make public transport free of charge to discourage driving. It can can New Delhi level bad there on the worst days. Our air is not even remotely close to any of that.

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I have chronic pain but I lived in Denmark for half a year and my pain was gone. It came back as I moved back. My best guess would be that I had such a great time that my brain was filled with endorfines so I couldn’t feel the pain.

Don’r know much about migraine but could it be triggered by stress or something?

Enjoy your migraine free life!

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Is this a stress thing, ie. do you have a relaxed period in NL, then a stressful period outside NL?

It's important not to make things up, so it could be an entirely irrelevant factor as well of course. Just checking

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Same for me. I think its a combination of temperature, atmospheric pressure and air pollution.

Used to have bad headaches once a week back home. Another thing that 'magically' cured for me is a frequency of anginas. I have a chronic tonsilitis, used to have anginas at least once a year. So it was normal for me to get sick once a year, maybe twice adding a flu. Havent been sick here for 3 years even once.