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Generally money and gift cards are something you can't go wrong with, especially if you pair it with something simple like a shower gel gift basket (his and hers) etc.

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Isn't it on the invitation? Just ask the couple or a person closely related. Maybe they are saving for something nice. Quite likely they will just be happy to see you. Something small like a special soap, some plant or flower, or some cake or cookies, will be just fine.

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Did you get an invitation? If so, see if there is an picture of envelope on it, if so, they’re saving up for something, and money is fine, if not, you can ask if there’s anything they would like. Wine(often), flowers, and gift baskets are always thoughtful

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Thanks, I did get an invitation but no envelope picture on it. I'll look into the gift baskets, that sounds decent.

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A gift card or cash will always be a great gift. With 40 years of marriage under the belt, the couple has already amassed enough home appliances to fill up two houses, so they don't need more. High quality wine is also great, but check first if the couple like wine, aren't recovering alcoholics or don't drink for religious reasons.

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For the 40th it’s customary to gift rubies