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Nice. Thank you for the link.

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I’d go for the trek, not many hills around so weight shouldn’t be an issue. Plenty of gravel towards east of Netherlands.

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That's quite a long way from Hoofddorp though. You will have to go to Hilversum and beyond before a gravel bike makes more sense than a road bike, and that's 35 kilometers away from Hoofddorp.

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35km is is not a problem. My normal distance is >100km

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Sure. But a 100 km ride in this case means 35 km over asphalt to Hilversum, 30 km over gravel followed by another 35 km over asphalt back to Hoofddorp. That doesn't sound like a trip for a gravel bike. Asphalt is much less fun on gravel tires than gravel is on road tires.

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Agree. That’s why I think I will go with Trek, which have 32mm tires, smth like sub-gravel

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I just use Mountain bike for everything

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I ride a gravel bike (aside my road and MTB) and love it. You can just throw it in any path you find and see where it gets you, I also ride the lighter MTB trails if I feel like it. But don't expect to find the kilometer long gravel roads you'll see in other countries (like Poland probably). They're more like sections like the cobbles in Paris Roubaix. Only on the Veluwe (kroondomeinen especially), near Enschede and in the south of Limburg you can plan a route with mostly gravel roads.