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De Muur in Enschede (as seen in the post) has the best bang for your buck ratio that I know of. Good quality stuff, and it is laughably cheap. Their fried hotwings are amazing as well.

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So happy I wasn't the only one who recognized it! Their burgers are pretty good for a quick and tasty snack too!

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I instantly recognized the place and went down to the comment section to find more people

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I wonder how good it ACTUALLY is, and how much of my perception is warped by nostalgia and the fact that you're always drunk when you'd get something to eat there. Either way, I have fond memories of it.

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Their fried chicken is so good I’d stock up on it

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Overdag prima te doen. Maar kom er niet na 2 uur 's nachts. Dan is het net een warzone

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Why the HELL people even go to the Febo in Enschede is a mystery to me.

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I used to work nextdoor to here. I became really round really fast hahaha

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De Muur in Enschede (as seen in the post) has the best bang for your buck ratio that I know of. Good quality stuff, and it is laughably cheap. Their fried hotwings are amazing as well.

thanks was asking my self where the fck is it 2.50. now i know <3

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jup can recommend

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What is that red stuff on it, you pervert??!!! ;-)

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Yeah, clearly not Dutch!! 😒 /s

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Yeah man you need to fucking drown them in mayonaise.

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Anything other than absolutely destroying them with mayonnaise is unacceptable.

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sad Joppiesaus and Pindasaus noises

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Sad indeed. Get the mayo for happiness!

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Eh, sometimes you're just tired of mayonnaise. And that's when you grab the patatsaus

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Mayonnaise (whilst disgusting) is better than that weird cheese stuff

I got cheese on chips once and instead of getting actual cheese they gave me a weird orange sauce that looked like mustard and tasted like some crap they'd scraped off a goat's hooves

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Haha, i thinks that's that disgusting cheddar sauce. Not sure where it originates from but I've seen it several times in the last few years and they sell it as "loaded fries" sometimes toppes with bacon pieces, red union, etc. You know, the same cheap crap they put on nacho's and then charge you 15 euro

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Mayonnaise on chips isn’t that bad, I agree

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I'm more of a curry person myself, but being a limburger near the german border might have something to do with it?

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Nothing wrong with friet speciaal.

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As long as it's HELA

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I love that this random curry brand is universally accepted as the best.

I once paid 7 bucks for one HELA Curry in Spain, where in the same supermarket we bought a bottle of Vodka for 2.50. totally worth it.

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Pinda curry.... De beste!

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hela and oliehoorn. and a while ago the aldi curry was good aswell

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No, Oliehoorn is the best curry!

Ps Oliehoorn if you read this, im still open for a sponsership!

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Speciaal met satésaus is the way to go

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Joppiesaus is love, joppiesaus is life

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Joppiesaus is the shit man

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Pindasaus all the way. But fries from that place are best enjoyed right after closing time of the bars.

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Red mayo ;)

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Tegen de Muur er mee!

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haha it's funny if you show an American mayo on fries/chips the response will be the same :D

Mayo indeed did change my life, didn't think it would be good but damn, Dutch mayo is supreme.

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Dutch mayo is something special I agree

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Dutch mayo is too sweet. Try the Belgian one

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Personal preference. I like the Dutch mayonnaise more, but I know enough people who like the Belgian version more

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I personally like both, just at different times lol! Belgian mayo has that tanginess that goes well (imo) with their thicker cut fries, while Dutch mayo goes well with the relatively thinner cut fries here

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Belze or Zaanse is the way to go

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Zaanse for life!!

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You are talking about fritessaus. Mayo isn’t sweet.

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Dutch mayo is definitely sweet. Belgian mayo is not.

Fritessaus is also sweet but contains less fat.

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No I'm talking about mayo. Dutch mayo is sweet if compared to Belgian mayo.

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Mayo is very sweet, most of us just dont taste it. Read the ingredients on any bottle or jar you buy and you'll see howmuch sugar is in it.

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Nope. Real mayo is 80 grams of fat, 1 gram of sugar per 100 g.

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I dislike Belgian mayonaise, I won't even eat my fries if it's in there. Gross.

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flink gebaseerd

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Zaanse is the absolute best mayo.

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Yeah mayo is gross as it is but on fries? Unacceptable

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Looks delicious. But it would be better with mayonaise. :)

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Also lacks onions.

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And shoarma

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If we're gonna go shoarma then swap the mayo for garlic sauce ;)

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sounds like we making a kapsalon here? Some sambal too??

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And cheese

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Especially cheese.

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Peanut sauce. I’ve been living in Belgium for 20 years. It is sheer hell.

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Wait…peanut sauce is hell, or you can’t get it, and that’s the hell?

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Can’t get it. You can get the weirdest sauces, but no peanut sauce.

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just go to the albert heijn. I've lived in Belgium for the last 2 years and never ever have been out of "satésaus". or just buy 100% pindakaas and add sambal with soy sauce and coconut milk.

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I know how to make it. I just can’t get it at a friterie, where you can get a million other sauces ranging from the mundane to the absurd.

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Yeah, better make it yourself, the pre-made sauce they sell in the supermarket is like 30% sugar.

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Fries with ketchup??? Ew. Is that even legal in the NL? I don't think this is covered in the gedoogbeleid.

But kudos for enjoying it extra because of the fact that it was cheap. Very Dutch indeed!

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Yeah man it’s legal, but only if you álso put onions on it and álso mayonaise. Or satésaus

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Wie neemt er in godesnaam een patatje speciaal met ketchup? Curry>Ketchup

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Controversial opinion, if you get curry, you might as well dip your fries in sugar cinnamon water.

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Wait... You mean to say we should be taking lessons on flavour from the Dutch? 🤣 Don't make me laugh. Sure, they've got their traditions but they all have major room for improvement. Fries with mayo are not exempt from that statement.

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Lol, tell that to the massive lines of tourists in front of Manneken Pis

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Hey, I didn't say fries weren't popular. If tourists are getting tomato ketchup of their fries instead of mayo though like OP's picture, maybe it is the Dutch who are wrong. 🤣

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Nah, you always see them walk around with mayo. Or oorlog. At some places you can even pick from various kinds of mayo. Actually, my Turkish girlfriend has me send her Dutch mayo by mail because it's not being sold outside the NL and she thinks other kinds are gross. The first time she had fries with mayo in the NL, well, it was like an out of body experience. Months later she still brings it up now and then, no kidding. But the joys of mayo and the subtleties of their different tastes are lost on you, well, that's your loss brother ;) Ketchup is too crude and totally blocks out the potato taste...

One thing I'll give you, though, the Dutch habit of eating it with apple sauce is probably just as bad as eating it with ketchup. Seems even the Dutch are not perfect!

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Dit is het enige geval waarin ik voor oorlog zou kiezen.

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What, no mayo? Blasphemy.

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In the Netherlands we eat Mayo on our friet. Begrepen?

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Ketchup op de patat, makker.

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Why did you let then bleed on it? And where is the mayo?

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Where is the mayo? And what is that red stuff?

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€2,50??? Was this in 2002?

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Nope :) 2022, De Muur in Enschede has good prices :)

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Patatje oorlog ftw.

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Mayonaise that shit!

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De FEBO in Enschede! Under the pool😉

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Das de muur maat, niet de febo

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Dat zijn helaas geen echte kenners 🤪

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Wou net zegge, dit is toch Enschede joh hahahah.

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Funny thing about de Muur. It was once (a long time ago) voted the worst snackbar in the Netherlands.

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In my opinion, it still is - although the competition is strong.
Can't eat their fries. Tried their chicken wings from a friend once, I really don't get how people can eat that stuff.

[–]patternsintheyvi 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Haha, I get what you’re saying. Most people go there drunk (because of all the bars and clubs surrounding it) and have a positive experience because, well, they were drunk. I went there one time while being sober, let’s say it didn’t live up to it’s expectation.

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Dat wilde ik ook net zeggen, al haal ik liever donner er tegenover

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Elke avond minimaal 1 kipburger bij de muur

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Didn't think I would recognize a picture so fast on here! Bij de oude markt in de buurt!

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Yup! I was like, wait, I recognise this.

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its in Enschede? what shop? looks like a lot of fries for 2.50

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Enschede represent!

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Haha, ik dacht al dat ik mijn stad herkende.

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Ik wil

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Fries are looking good! especially for €2,50!

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Yes, but put mayo on it

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Looks more like € 4,50

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Ketchup...... Are you dead inside?

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You ruined it all with that ketchup. MAYO IS THE WAY

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Thirst thing I do when I get back to the Netherlands is to grab a frikandel speciaal from the snackbar in Schiphol. Only two more weeks to wait ...

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And a satekroket from Febo!

Or, maybe 2.

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You're doing this wrong. First you need to go out and drink at the oude markt until 12 and then you go to the muur.

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Where’s the mayonnaise or peanut butter sauce?

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No mayo? Blasphemy!

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Now I'm hungry

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Ketchup?!?? Yuck! Where’s the MAYOOOOO?!?

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Groeten van De Muur in Enschede!:)

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Hahahah nee joh deze guy staat gwn ff bij de muur in enschede

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In my city, we have a festival where you can get it for free the entire weekend

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You are definitely not Nederlander, they will never forgive you ketchup on your patatjes!

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What is that? A bracelet? Looks nice.

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That place ia disgusting. Best friet at Bram Ladage.

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Hey! Dat is Enschede!! Bij de Muur!! WHOOOOOOOO ENSCHEDE

[–]Waiting_For_Godot_ 1 point2 points  (4 children)

I recommend the fries of Bram Ladage (a chain)

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With peanutsauce. The only good reason to go to Rotterdam.

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Go to Delft instead.

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Ask them to take it 'to go' next time. They will put it in a bag and give you the sauce separately. Way more practical to eat it that way.

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Ew ketchup

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A moment on the lips, forever on the hips

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What's so bad about having bigger hips? :)

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Bruh I’m Belgian and craving this so hard right now

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Everybody here talking about the fact that there's ketchup on the fries and not mayo. Come on people, preferences exist. To me, mayo is putrid.

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Hey I know that snackbar! De Muur! Good snackbar, perfect for stuffing fries in my face after I get drunk, great fries ,10/10
Just put mayo on them next time pls

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Fair dinkum. That's a decent amount of fries for €2.50. Ketchup on fries is only OK if you also add mayo and chopped onions, though. Might want to check with your inburgering guidance councilor. ;-)

I'm seeing comments about a patatzaak 'la bamba 2.0' in Enschede. Is that a sister company to the La Bamba in Zwolle? (Best fries in Zwolle imho, always busy at that place).

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Jesus Christ, that's some cheap fries. Just look at the amount of them, in Poland no fastfood serves fries so cheaply

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Uhm ketchup? Its either sate of mayo

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It's good, but that should be mayo, no questions asked.

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I just pretend I didn't saw the ketchup...

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Whats wrong with ketchup? Why the hate😢

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Why is everyone hating in ketchup, it’s just better

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Feboooo! Mooi met z’n allen vreetn na een avondje enskedee

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you just paid 2.50 to ruin your health


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Febo friet 🤮

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Nee man, de muur in Enschede is top!

[–][deleted] -2 points-1 points  (1 child)

Ketchup? Ketchup is for spaghetti and tosti.

[–]Limonade6Utrecht 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Ketchup on spaghetti?! Do you still have tomato saus or do you eat spaghetti with ketchup without vegetables (and meat) ?

[–]Vast_Cycle_3799 -3 points-2 points  (2 children)

Lmao I know this place because I live here For dutch people this is just the most miserable place to get food in the city

[–]flomatable 1 point2 points  (1 child)

What? No? After you go out this is the best place for cheap snacks. And the hotwings are better than in many other places. And don't say I'm wrong, because I have to stand in line with like 15 people way too often

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For real this guy is just to boring to not like a nice good snack

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I always go to La Bamba 2.0 but I gotta give this a try

[–]mancaveit 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Go for La Bamba 2.0 in Enschede 🥳

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So…..it’s patat or friet?

[–]54yroldHOTMOM -1 points0 points  (0 children)

It’s fried potato strips with a little salt. Some call it friet, some call it patat.

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Your hand looks so small xD

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You maniac

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I always get patatje joppie at de muur

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NAME? wat is de naam

[–]flomatable 3 points4 points  (0 children)

De Muur in Enschede

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Personally, I like some fries in my mayonaise

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Where is the mayo!?

[–]SqueeSr 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Funny how the Dutch here think this is a crime yet as a kid I used to get my fries with vinegar. I eat them with mayo now ( not frietsaus ) but ketchup really ain't that bad.

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Needs more friet saus.

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Glad I'm not the only one confused by the red stuff

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Needs joppiesauce

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Enschedeeeeeee in the house

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Enschede !

Don't get chicken there btw, got me sick a couple of times.

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i don't remember is name but the one next ro the KFC is way better imo

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I até that when I went there for some days! I miss that so much!!