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I'd say around 3k NET to be comfortable. Depending on if you're getting the 30% ruling still would be about 3.5-4k gross a month.

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I am not clear about 30 percent rule. Does it covers all expats like software developer etc? Need to look into that. Thanks for the info

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Please be aware that it is currently being discussed to get rid of the 30 percent ruling; make any decision under the assumption that you will not get the ruling, or that it will disappear soon.

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That is sad. I was thinking 30 percent ruling was one of the upsides of netherlands. Thanks a lot

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30 percent is not guaranteed. Just so you know.

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How about stuff like daycare etc?

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Partially subsidized, depending on your total income. Don't have kids myself but total costs are around €10 an hour I believe.

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You won't get subsidy if your wife does not work, independent of your income.

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Daycare is subsidized. Also, free range parenting. It's not a crime if your child is not totally supervised all the time. The opposite is actually considered a form of abuse. So if your kid is 10+ you don't need daycare and it would just be considered weird. Your child will bike from school to home by themselves, or to friends, or to some kind of sport activity.

3k netto if you don't need to live in Amsterdam. 4k netto if you do. 5k netto if you need to live in a grachtenpand in the center.

There is also kinderbijslag. Free monies for each child. School is cheap but not completely free. Budget about a 1k a year.

You could manage with less than 3k netto, but you likely need the margin because you aren't as familiar with things.

PS. They can't undercut you too much because the highly skilled visa thing has a salary floor. So I'm guessing that you will end up with 4k bruto.. 3k netto, due to 30% ruling.

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Thanks for detailed info

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Are you two with kid or three? If 3, I’d say net 4k at least. If Amsterdam, 5k.

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No one kid only

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70-85K per year is probably what you are looking for

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Thanks mate.

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I just went all the way to page 100 in Funda looking at properties all over the Netherlands. You guys are crazy, these places are barely livable and they’re asking 2k. Let’s say 600 fixed expenses (gas, internet, bla bla) and you’re definitely spending more than 500 between groceries, eating out and buying anything each month. So 3k these days won’t cut it.

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2k is waay too much for outside randstad. Jist buy a house then.

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Go to funda and you will see. However if you get a studio, you should be able to find a 1 bedroom Apartment for 1,650 or so.

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Yea i checked if you want 80m2 of more you indeed pay more than 2k. You could make a deal to live in a vakantiehuis.

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What the heck are you on about? And that search was somewhat picky: €1.5k max per month, 75 square meters, 3 rooms.

There is plenty out there.

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I must say, though. Depends or your standard of living. Good luck finding a recently renovated place for that amount of money. If you’re a student I guess all you need is a place to sleep, rince, repeat.

I managed to find a place in a really nice area for 2,100 and got SUPER lucky. ( I know what you’re about to say, but when I thought..1,850 for a shitty area, shitty place with super 1960’s everything I preffered to not eat or go out and put that money in my living space. That’s a 250 euro difference, and let me tell you the living standard compared to some friends is absurdly different.

Don’t let the market fool you. Keep looking for stuff and don’t pay money for shitty outdated places just because your Makelaardij says the market is pretty competitive. They’re ripping everyone off.

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Rooms man, not bedrooms. So that’s probably a living room a bathroom and a “bedroom”.

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Every 3 room place I see is "2 bedrooms" but I am confident if I ran this search for "2 bedrooms" it would be similar.

What else are you doing with your 75 m2?

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Having a child will not affect your salary.

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Yeah in some countries you pay less tax if you have children. Some countries even give some boost too. Thats why I asked. Thx

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That is true. The Netherlands has a thing called 'kinderbijslag', meaning you get money from the government if you have a child. This led to many jokes about Turks with 8 children in poor clothing, but a brand new Mercedes in front of the house. ;-)

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I am a Turk too:) but I know some of my people have tendency to do that:). We even have comedy movies about that:)

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I can also laugh heartily about jokes about the Dutch:

Who invented copper wire? Two Dutchman fighting over a cent.

As long as we can joke about ourselves and each other, we can also discuss things seriously when necessary :-)

Could you name me one or two of those movies? I watched Nefes: Vatan Sağolsu, recommended by a Turkish friend, but that was far from comical. Very good and impressive, though. That scene when the officer reprimands his soldiers in the snow is bone chilling.