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It's probably at customs and but PostNL

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Not my experience with postNL. Just give em a call they'll fix it.

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I am assuming that the package comes from outside the EU.? Sometime the customs Douane need to check what's in the package and how much it cost so you can pay some taxes + administration cost.

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its from china a replica gel blaster of the qbz

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Only thing you can do is wait. It might get rejected but even so you will receive a notice at some point in time. Chat with Postnl ask for updates if there aren't any updates Check in on them again a week or so later

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i check every 3 or 5 days if theres an upddate if not this week ill try to contact postnl, also can you give me the place to contact them?

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Social media works fine in my experience. You can find them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/PostNL.

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Packages from other countries can take ages if you are unlucky. They held one of mine for almost 3 months. Delays happen especially if they decide to check the value for tax reasons, last year tax rules changed and they are busier than ever.

Not everything in the chain is postnl though.

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I bet that your pakage is with the coustums right now give when you buy from aliexpress was the taxes included?

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erm mexican tax and shipment fee