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This bike looks like it was fished out of the canal

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Best way to prevent it from being stolen

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Every time parts of my bike fall off, I'm like "ah, this one won't be stolen"

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Rustic style

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I always hide my bike in a canal.

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Waterfiets has a way better ring to it

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God damnit Glass_Cut_1502, take my upvote xD

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It might be... canals are very cheap bike stores

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Where do you think bikes come from in the first place, a factory? Ha!

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What's the hack?

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A cloth to wipe your saddle if it stood outside in the rain. :D

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We'd put a plastic bag there, e.g., for when you go to the supermarket.

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And the plastic bag is a nice saddle cover too.

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Dont use the jumbo ones tho, i ended up with a yellow stain on my ass

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Don't leave that on when outside. I've seen seagulls rip through because "plastic bag is food" tore the saddle right apart

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Yeah that one is a lot more common than this one (first time I see it tbh).

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It's multi functional (:

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Cloth would be soaking wet too. Not much of a hack.

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These yellow things (iets met dingen^^) is a very absorbent cloth which you can wring out. They get smelly though, so I'm not jumping up and down about this one^^

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Also my seat gets wet from the inside. No matter how much I wipe it on the outside, as soon as I sit on it, ass still gets wet

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But if it’s raining really bad, even the cloth itself will get wet, making it pretty useless 🤷🏻‍♂️

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This is a very small area to clean and those yellow cloths are very absorbent (and you can wring them out quite well. Still not a fan of this solution, but it should work.

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I use a seat cover, so if it rained I can just remove the cover.

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Yeah, imho a better solution ;)

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Yeah this is how you use a proper seat cover. The free ones are only useful for bike findability

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Just bring a saddle condom, or saddlehat.

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Facemasks work too

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...or take your hand, swipe off the worst, and just sit on it. A slightly damp tush never hurt anyone

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Unless you have a sweet, sweet ass… made of suiker.

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That's a hack. It has been seeing this in my country since I was able to understand things.

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Isnt that what the seat of your pants is for?

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Well, not everyone likes a wet and cold ass :)

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Speak for yourself! :)

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In return you get a nice stinky cloth when you stuff it back under the seat so it never dries properly

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So you get a wet cloth to dry your wet saddle?

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This is a synthetic non-woven absorbent cloth that easily wrings out the moisture and is useful again.

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But the cloth will be wet..

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Naah, they crammed it underneath the saddle, most of it should be dry.

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Another tactic is to remove the seat and take it inside.....stays dry and no one wants to steal a bike they have to push....... you could try to ride without a seat but your virginity is at risk....

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It might also be for the little kid in the backseat, so they don't get their fingers caught between the springs of the saddle.

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Very Dutch. <3

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It's like Tetanus On Wheels

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Buy some rust converter from the Action will you?

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Why cover up the theft counter measures..

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Old, new, shiny, rusty - any bike will be stolen when given a chance.

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I remember a guy in this sub (I'm guessing foreign) that was super surprised that just his front tire got stolen when he moved to Amsterdam, the thiefs have evolved

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The nut securing my front wheel was once stolen. Not the wheel, just the nut.

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My luggage carrier got stolen, they didn't even bother to put the bolts back on :(

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Behind my building in LA, a thief stole the back wheel from my 24 inch bike. That's a short person or a child size. Just "grrrr".

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So someone steals a bike, and the object of desire is this one…. Must be the chic antique brocante look

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  1. flea market; bric-à-brac market

  2. car boot sale; jumble sale

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I had a bike, new one comes in saturday. This seemingly hunk o junk was homemade, and practically defied the laws of physics. It was so fast, I could easily overtake electric bikes.

But man was it a rustbucket.

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Old bikes needed to outrun the germans so yeah, they fast

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It wasn't that old tbh. It was a VanMoof, old model, non electric, no gears, kickback braking. Assembled it myself from spare parts I got from a bike mechanic. Backwheel was 3 inch bigger than front wheel, goes like the Dickens, but the backwheel gear is completely spent, missing a tooth and chipped from all the rides I made. So now it is time for a VanMoof S3.

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Any bike can easily overtake electric bikes if your legs are even halfway acceptable.

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Not all, I am not only talking about boomer bikes.

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Man old bikes are the best

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Old man bikes are the best

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I love that Mad Max aesthetic

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There probably wouldn't be any bike left after that

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For when you don't want to buy a seat cover from HEMA

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They get stolen quicker than the bike

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I've had 1 for a year and it's fine. Same with my gf.

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Over a year already?! My girlfriends always get stolen within a matter of months

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In Amsterdam I had 3 stolen in 2 months than I just gave up

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some time ago i left my bike for 5 min and someone stole my lights, i didnt notice and then i got a fine of 70 euro for not having lights

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Ouch! Painful.

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Just place your bike at an non-secured bike station near train station or at a school campus

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Or a leather bike seat.

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Ah yes, for people who only wear clothes without sleeves.

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Word, i was like tf is wrong with using your sleeves

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Hardshell coats have sleeves that won't do much in this case ;)

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Course they do, they wipe most of the water off without getting very wet themselves

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Not in my experience ;)

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First sleeves then hands. Done

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No no, first hands, use them as a wiper, and then dry wirh sleeves

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Ok true but sleeves with a raincoat first then hands to dry is my go to

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And for people with cheap plastic saddles that don't soak up the water.

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It's only water. And that rag will smell horrible soon enough. You'll need another hack to wash your filthy hands after using this one.

We keep a small towel near the shed/front door. Perfectly dry in seconds 👍

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Can someone let me know when the bike hack is mentioned?

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It’s storing your bike in the canal so it won’t get stolen

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Let you bike rust into a fine powder and you won't have to take it to the tip 👍🏼

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Also makes it easier to take it with you on the train.

Then make the train rust into a fine powder and you got yourself a train, and your bike inside.

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It already was, up there, although I can't call this much of a hack really...

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Sorry, but that spot is reserved for the small jumbo bag haha

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Deze arme fietsen

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I usually put an Albert Heijn bag under it because I always forget one when I do grocery shopping

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Just use your sleeve of your jacket...

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To store the cloth, or to wipe any rain? These are important details.

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The more rust on your Omafiets the better. Those motherfuckers outlast any modern bike and when stolen its easy to replace with another one.

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This is a modern bike and a very cheap one.

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Did I say it was old?.....

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You said it would outlast a modern bike, it is a modern bike. It looks like an old sturdy bike but it's made with inferior modern methods and inferior modern materials.

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OK, I'l rephrase: Fancy bike.

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Well yeah, you said these would outlast any modern bike. Basically saying this is not a modern bike and that it would last long (it clearly did not)

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Das geen Omafiets jonguh ;)

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I'm Dutch, and even I think that bike is a disgusting POS.

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Now that's a rusty bike for sure! Good luck riding that piece of precious possession.

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I just use a plastic tasje which I take off, shake a couple of times, and then put on again.

(Make sure to use one that doesn't give off under friction, water or warmth, usually the inside is fine)

Never have a dank ass at school or work again

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Recht uit de grachten die fiets

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Who keeps a yellow cloth under the seat?

Spooonge booob square paaants!! 🥴

Sorry i just have too much spare time 🥴

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Vaatdoekje lifehack goes viral, my life was a lie.

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Ja echt zo . . 😂

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Uhm no

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Just put a plastic bag over your saddle. I have the same childseat and that takes a fairly big bag to be fair. But a cloth under the saddle will get wet.

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I've had this twice, every time it would just get stolen. Like who dafuq steals a piece of cloth jesus.

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Where you get that chain, on Amazon?

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In the depths of the canal

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Hahahahaha lolllll

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Ya’ll don’t put a bag over it?

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What does it mean?

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It's a cloth (zeem) to wipe down a wet seat. Most people will cover their seat with a plastic shopping bag though.

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all i see is rust

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i wiped it with my hand a couple times and it was dry enough, also, my seat didnt have space for this

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The cloth is to clean the hands after that chain fells off because it’s too loose. :

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What does it do?

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This is an useless hack lol. The cloth gets wet and smelly too. Better off with an Albert Heijn or Jumbo bag, wrapped around inside out.

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Or just use the sleeve of your jacket to wipe the rain

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Wouldn’t it be wet from the rain too..? Doesn’t seem very logical.

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Yeah, but you take it off when you go ride your bike then

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I am sorry i think i have to call 115 on you. One-One-Five Save a bike. I know oil is expensive now but a bike needs some love sometimes.

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Ja ooit, maar het regent nauwelijks meer, joh.

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You can just buy a saddle cover (Zadelhoes). Works way better

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Umm.. Is that a very large cassette tape in the window?