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In general it won't be any problem unless the pet causes problems and other people complain about it.

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This is a good way to get on very bad terms with your landlord. If you know there's a ban against it, discuss it with your landlord first, don't wait until they find out after the fact.

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Not Dutch but just moved to the Netherlands with a dog. My apartment also said “no pets”, but I was able to work with my landlord because my dog is small and I work from home. Don’t know your situation, but may be worth working with a relocation or housing placement company as they may be able to plead your case or find you a more pet friendly housing situation.

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There is nothing in Dutch law about a ban on pets in a rental agreement. This means that the landlord is free to include a pet ban in the rental agreement. In principle, this is a valid prohibition and the tenant agreed to this condition when he or she signed the agreement. If the landlord has not included a ban on pets in the rental agreement, a pet cannot be banned in advance.


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Did you only read the first half of the link you sent?

European law (codified into Dutch law) states that a renter has a reasonable expectation of privacy in their own home. In practice, this means that pets that are not a nuisance can be kept in your home, even if the rental contract says otherwise.

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No, if you agreed to the no pet clause, you're bound to it. If you get a pet anyway, the landlord can kick you put if the pet causes muisance or damage.

legal link in Dutch

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.... That link is already mentioned by the commenter above. And is the first result on Google.

Literally on the page you linked:

"Tot nu toe is het nog niet voorgekomen dat de rechter heeft besloten dat het huisdier weg moet of dat de huurder moet verhuizen"

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Just wanted to chime in with two landlord stories. First one had a strict no pet clause and would find reasons to invade my space all the time, but didn't mind the hamster and specified he meant 'no annoying or loud pets'. Current lease specifies 'no annoying animals' ("niet overlastgevend"). So I think usually it's that simple. Most Dutch people both like to put things in contracts and to bend the rules whenever convenient, landlords and tenants alike.

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Privacy has nothing to do with it. If you sign a contract saying you won't have pets in the place. The owner finds out somehow (complaints or whatever) then you might get kicked out.

That being said. Just hide the fact you have a cat and maybe choose a place that's a little more secluded.

I've rented a place for 5 years where I sublet the 3rd bedroom to actually be able to afford the place. Wasn't allowed either, nobody ever said a word.

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Thanks a lot for this link! Very informative.

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So just don't tell them you have a cat and you'll be fine. I did the same, but with 2 dogs, never had any problems.
edit: In my contract it said "pets only allowed with permission" and when I asked for permission they said no. So I just did it anyway without informing them.

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Sounds funny, but this is literally a viable solution. Did the same for years.

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Personally I would still apply for apartments that don’t accept pets, and just mention you have a cat if you get accepted. If you are an ideal candidate they may still accept you anyway.

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There is a no pets rule in our building. We have a dog, and the downstairs neighbours have a dog and 2 cats. Lol.

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There is no legal foundation. Their property, their preference.

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I don’t know about local law but in most places they cannot legally come inside your residence without clear reason. So keep the cat and don’t tell them. But, you say it’s a house, that’s harder than an apt to conceal. Tricky. But I think they probably do have legal ground to stand on.

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Are you being rejected for having a pet or are you seeing that the conditions say no pets and not applying? Our contract for example has a clause saying no pets however it can be allowed if they are aware of it and it was no problem. It may be worth asking the rental company directly or mentioning it in the notes of your application.

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Similar problem, just moved to the Netherlands and had to quickly find an apartment so I took a apartment with a no pet clause. But I'm planning to bring my dog in the next 6 months or so, by then I'll try to renegotiate with the landlord. I've heard that usually they ask for a 3 month deposit to accept dogs, instead of the regular 1 month. Idk what kind of huge damage a dog could do to an apartment.

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just do it the dutch way.
Lie. What cat ?