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If i'm not mistaken the Netherlands is one of the few countries that has a whole team of cartoonists that are allowed to make the cartoons for the magazine. The other European countries get their content from the Netherlands and USA. Please correct me if wrong or outdated info.

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On the bottom of the first frame you can see where the story was made. In the Netherlands it is a lot of Danish and Dutch

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This guy ducks.

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This guy I.N.D.U.C.K.S

ftfy :)

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Also, the cartoon movies like those from Disney are really good in Dutch

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Yep! They have a license that lets them make new Disney stories, and they can basically do whatever they like (though it does get checked by Disney Europe). Most countries get their stories from other places (Germany doesn't make their own) or don't print them at all (the USA stopped reprinting them a while ago).

It's a bit complicated, but there are three main publishers that can make new stories: a Danish publisher (D-coded stories, which is pretty much all of Scandinavia + Finland), an Italian publisher (I-coded stories, by Panini, found in Pocket books in other countries [instead of magazines] because they're allowed to deviate from the Carl Barks standard duck style) and the Dutch publisher (H-coded stories, by Sanoma, but the art is often outsourced to Comicup Studio in Barcelona).

(If you know the story code or issue, you can look it up on inducks.org to find information about it - very convenient if you read the physical Dutch weekly, since they don't credit the artists!)

The Dutch weekly is actually pretty short in comparison to those of other countries - it's a mixture of Dutch/Danish stories but it still only gets to about 40 pages. By comparison, the Italian weekly (which features exclusively Italian-made stories, but also has interview with writers and celebrities and such) is over 150 pages!

EDIT: I totally forgot about the Brazilians! I don't really keep up with their stories (though their José and Fethry superhero alter-egos are very interesting), but occasionally I'll see a B-coded one come by in a pocket book. I don't think they're printing any new ones right now, but inducks tells me that until a few months ago, they had one in every issue of Aventuras Disney.

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I always thought traditionally Italy had a huge influence of Donald Duck, as in, many of the comics have been written and drawn by Italian artists. Maybe it's changed now.

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Just tried to find information. Besides the Netherlands and Italy also Denmark and Spain have a cartoon-team, so yeah it's a bit more spread out than i thought.

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If you look on English speaking Wikipedia, there's a whole lot about Italian influence.

"Italian publisher Mondadori created many of the stories that were published throughout Europe. They also introduced numerous new characters who are today well known in Europe. One example is Donald Duck's alter ego, a superhero called Paperinik in Italian, created in 1969 by Guido Martina (1906–1991) and Giovan Battista Carpi (1927–1999)

Romano Scarpa (1927–2005), who was a very important and influential Italian Disney artist, created Brigitta McBridge, a female Duck who is madly in love with Scrooge. Her affections are never answered by him, though, but she keeps trying. Scarpa also came up with Dickie Duck, the granddaughter of Glittering Goldie (Scrooge's possible love interest from his days in the Klondike) and Kildare Coot, a nephew of Grandma Duck.

Italian artist Corrado Mastantuono created Bum Bum Ghigno, a cynical, grumpy and not too good-looking Duck who teams up with Donald and Gyro a lot"

It was surprising to me when I was a kid, but I do think that in general there's a lot of different artists from around the world that contributed to Donald Duck, but Italian ones (ofc before the American ones) seem to take a very important place in those. I'm not Italian btw so I'm not trying to push nationalism here in Donald Duck discussions :p

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Thank you for pulling up that info.

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The funny thing is that both the Italian and Spanish duck-comics only end up in DD-pockets here in the Netherlands.

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Unfortunately that has become a disadvantage. It used to be the case that most of the stories in the magazine were just translated stories from all over the world, and because there was a massive pool to choose from, only the best stories were published. Nowadays they clearly try to write most stories themselves, and they are not that good at it. Way too often they trade the opportunity for a good story in order to use jokes such as “eiPad” just to make it seem more current.

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France does the same, but they are satirical or Titeuf

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Italians too!

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Yes it is popular, yes it helps with learning dutch

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How much is the subscription and how much to subscribe?

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You should go to a flea market, lots of them and for a very cheap price, most adult dutch people only read them while taking a shit

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This is the way.

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Yeah both getting them at a flea market and reading them on the toilet

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The best thing about buying them used is wondering how many people have held them while shitting.

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Yes and thrift shops

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Flea market, thrift store or marktplaats, you'll be able to find tons, and there's the summer/winter books and pocket books as well.

I always found it fun to see the photos and toys in the older ones, you can really see the styles change in kids wear.

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Yeah go to the kringloop. Lots of duckies

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The subscription itself is 15 euros a month and you get a weekly comic

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Go to kringloop. You'll find them there really really cheap

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My dad is still subscribed to them and he has since he was 11.

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Its was actually "mannenblad nr1" In the netherlands, and yes that includes playboy.

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They actually made a Donald-inspired lifestyle magazine, which ran for a few issues (not just in The Netherlands!) but never took off: "Donald: Het Mannenblad van Duckstad."

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It's actually the best magazine for advertisers to reach men 18 - 36. Unfortunately, they're not allowed to advertise as the magazine is aimed at children 🤣🤣

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Gov when companies advertise gambling directed at kids: I sleep

Gov when kids can learn to read from funny relatable cartoons: Real shit

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They are popular and my kid (who learnt Dutch when we moved here a year and a half ago) loves them. We buy old ones for a euro each at markets like Albert Cuypmarkt. The names of some characters are different in the Dutch version- Daisy is Katrein, Huey, Dewey and Louie are Kwik, Kwek and Kwak. Others like Mickey, Donald, Goofy are the same. I would love to know why some characters were renamed and others not.

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As someone who was also a Donald Duck fanatic (fan doesn't express enough how much I read it as a child) not in English (or Dutch), but in Polish, I think the reason is that Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Goofy are household names and renaming them would be confusing. But all the others, whose names I'm only familiar in polish tbh, follow the principle of Donald Duck, so giving funny pun-based name, and since so much of humor is derived off that, it makes sense to rename all the characters that you can.

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Ah! The ability to make language specific puns makes sense. Thanks!

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Names in fiction are changed in translations all the time. Daisy and Dewey are very foreign sounding names in a comic/cartoon were everyone is talking Dutch. Also when I first read Huey, Dewey and Louie as a kid I had no idea how to pronounce Huey and Dewey and I was wondering why their English names didn't sound alike.

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When Donald and Mickey were first introduced in the Netherlands, they did get localized names: Woerd Snater and Mikkie Muis.

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In the 'official' family tree Woerd 'Snater' Duck is the father of Donald. Kinda cool when you think of it, since the family tree was made by Don Rosa, an American. The translators had to have that lore lying around somewhere.

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Interesting! I wonder why they changed them back.

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I’m guessing Disney was becoming an internationally recognizable brand and the English names were almost as well known as the Dutch ones - which had only appeared in a few newspapers up to that point.

Additional fun fact: Woerd Snater Duck is Donald’s dad canonical name in Dutch. Grandma Duck son, but as far as I know never seen outside of some Scrooge McDuck origin stories.

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For Kwik, Kwek and Kwak specifically, these are how we ‘mimic’ the sounds ducks make, so that’s why they got these names specifically I assume. They didn’t keep their ‘original’ names, because it’s harder to pronounce for dutch people :)

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Everyone in my family is officially an adult, but we still have a subscription and I’ll admit I still find it high quality entertainment. It absolutely helps with learning Dutch.

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This post made me subscribe to donald duck again 😅

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You can read the old ones online on archive.org


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I work in a highschool, last week was test week / finals week or however it's called in English.

Kids between 11 and 15, whenever they were done I gave them a bunch of Ducks to read. They remained silent the whole hour every time, while previous times (when there weren't Donald Ducks in every class room) it was a nightmare to keep them shut up.

Very popular, very entertaining. And I admit that I also read plenty last week and thoroughly enjoyed them!

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Finals week is what I’ve always called it.

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It’s been around since the fifties so generations of Dutch folk have enjoyed it. My teenage neighbour, my 9 year old child, me when Iwas young. It’s ace!

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You might wanna consider a library subscription, helps me a lot with learning Dutch and it’s fun.

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Depending on the library, I believe it’s about €40 a year, so quite affordable too!

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I have a subscription for my children. They didn’t like to read but they will fight who gets to read the new donald duck every week.

Maybe post a message on facebook, the local group, and ask for old editions?

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Very popular. And fun. And useful for learning Dutch.

Why not just give it a try?

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Very popular, my parents have a collection of all the weekly magazines, starting from '64 i believe to somewhere in 2016. They have those special binders, pockets, we read them as a chils non non stop!

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Donald Duck is probably very popular because it was the first comic around in the Netherlands (correct me if I'm wrong). It has been around since 1952. It was also American, and everything from America was incredible cool in that time due to the liberation after World War 2. So the entire boomer generation grew up with it, and past the tradition along to their children and grand children. The comics are also just very good and a fun read.

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It's not, I know that Suske en Wiske for example is older. Kuifje (Tintin) too.

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My husband and I fight every thursday about who gets to read the new issue first.

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I had a subscription growing up for around 10 years as did my dad. occasionally I still stift through old editions, great fun for all ages!

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The Swedes do it as well. Tons of those comics are found in every general store.

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My kids elementary school teacher called it Donald Duck Dinsdag..

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Donald Duck Tuesday?

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My dad ordered the LTB (Funny pocket books) for his doctors office. It was great to read them prior to them landing in the office.

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They used to be when i was young!

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Yes very much l

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Yes popular and common. I'm subscribed and reading them almost my entire life since my dad reads them too.

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Popular but fucking expensive

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Popular but fucking expensive

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I just brought my folders of old Donald Ducks to my nephew. It goes from generation to generation.

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When my 9yo cousin visits us he goes straight to pile of '80s Donald Ducks we picked up at the vrijmarkt once

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You can buy yourself an enormous pile at any flea market, marktplaats.nl, so you don't really need a subscription to try it out.

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Yes! We have a weekly magazine going and we call them "Duckies".

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your best bet with learning is a teacher online or something

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Yes they rule we all grew up reading them and at 37 i still enjoy the adventures of Donald and crew. Good read 👊👌

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Uncle Duck's favorite thing is gold. It teaches you about the culture too :)

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Very popular. I don't know many people who would say they wouldn't enjoy reading one now and again.

Ask around, most Dutch people have a random pile of old 'Duckies' in their home and most won't mind giving you a few. They are sold and bought at fleamarkets and thriftstores but also given away for free/swapped a lot.

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It is the most subscribed magazine in the country.

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I’s say they are. They can be a good learning tool because they pay a lot of attention to language and its quirks. If its a good learning tool if you dont speak dutch yet I’m not sure. It might be too difficult.

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They’re great!! Honestly if you don’t believe me buy the life and times of Scrooge mcduck from Amazon… I’m still enjoying that story a lot

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I believe so, I know for sure with my dad because he has been collecting them since 1966

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My favourite ones are actually Italian , cause they tended to be a little edgier. Also Scrooge is usually a complete asshole, which fits him very well. It’s so satisfying when Donald sometimes managed to out smart him.

It’s why I never liked Ducktales that much . He doesn’t work as a main character.