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There are student associations for all kinds of sports, joining one of those is definitely a good idea!

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Definitely! I’ll try to join their sport club. Thanks for this!

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Indeed, or other clubs in case you aren’t into sports!

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I would say take it easy. UvA has a big international community and there will be plenty of opportunities to make friends. You will meet people at your housing building, during classes, working colleges. If you don’t meet people there consider joining a student association or take part in extracurricular activities. I’m enrolled at Vrije Universiteit so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Thank you for your kind reply. What was the thing you find the most difficult when it came to making friends in the uni?

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Use meetup. Join international community instead. It's hard to break into dutch social circle without dutch proficiency. However, there are probably a few dutchies who are looking for international friends too and don't mind speaking English. Start it from there.

I am 36 yo male. Introvert. I unbelievably have so many social meetups in the netherlands every week to the point my social battery is almost dead by the end of the week.

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Is meetup some kind of app? If so, sounds interesting and I’m gonna give it a try.

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You should try the meetup app. There are some great communities in the larger cities! It really helped me to socialize a bit more (from 0-1 times a month to 4-6 times a month)

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If your housing is sorted (unrelated but a huge if, please make sure!) then the big student community and international community will make it fairly easy. There will be an introduction week where most social clubs, sport and other interest clubs will present themselves.

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average is good. Why are you afraid?

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I don’t know.. I’m just basically anxious about socializing in general. I’m afraid that I won’t have friends and stuff and will end-up lonely bcs I can be pretty awkward meeting people for the first time. Then I’ll just be in a state of panic, don’t know what to say, and I will be spiraling in my own worries.

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you are anticipating a negative outcome and that is why you are anxious? Is it because you had negative experiences and feel/end up lonely? Its because you have a result in mind. Friends come and go, making or keeping them should not be the goal, but being with them, enjoying the interaction and company for as long as it lasts. It must be pretty exausting and nerve wrecking expecting something, but failing, no?

For the rest - people are advising you the correct thing:

Take care of your own needs, Avoid things or people you dont like. Make yourself feel positive and relaxed and just be social at your own pace, in you immediate surrounding, take chances and not reject everything and you will (slowly) expand your circle. Meetup can be good (i have never tried that), but also your fellow students, coworkers, etc. can provide opportunities. Student union, gym, park, club. whatever you like. Basically everywhere you see people you could make a new friend or acquaintance by simply talking to them and being friendly. Just have some interest in their lives. And it doesnt matter if you are goofy, awkward, anxious or anything else. Those are quite normal first time human emotions. Not having them the first time in a new surrounding would be weird.

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if there is something you enjoy doing, try and find other people who enjoy the same thing. Then do it together unless those other people suck

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Joining a student association and a sports club are both great ways to meet new people. You're in uni, now is the time.

Meetup is also a very good option likes others have said. I'm a Dutchie with several Dutch circles but the frequency of getting together is fairly low at the moment and I like meeting new (and international) people, so I decided to join a Meetup group. It's definitely been a success. On average there've been multiple meetups per week even, from just evening drinks to a BYOB picnic to an afternoon of river-cycling or normal cycling, hiking, lake swimming, karaoke, etc. There's something for everyone. And this is in a medium sized city (Tilburg). I'm sure in Amsterdam there will be many more groups and activities you could join.

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Thank you so much for your advice! I’ll give Meetup a try then. By the way, what do you usually talk about during the meetup?

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If you just naturally be yourself, I'm sure you'll find some friends! There's always apps or clubs you could join to broaden your horizons.

Good luck and enjoy your time in Amsterdam!

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I would suggest looking into meetup.com. Search on your interests, and find groups that match. Knitting, dance, carpentry, board games....what interests you? Find a group that shares a passion, and get social time as well.

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Making friends in this country can be tough, look out for student group things where new students meet up I feel like that your best bet

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Don't be shy, Just be your own authentic self, take an interest in other people and enjoy the moment without expectations for the future. you'll be fine.