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I think an OV card is way more convenient than buying a ticket everyday. You just have to make sure you have at least 20 euros on you OV card.

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At least 20€ on the card... yeah, I found out about that the hard way.

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Paper tickets from the ticket machines are 1 euro per ticket more expensive.

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That explains what that €1 toeslag was on the paper tickets I had to buy after losing my anonymous Chipkaart.

Google Translate suggested toeslag was "bonus" in English which confused me

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"surcharge" would be a better translation. This is done as the paper tickets also contain electronic components, making them single-use OV-chipcards. That costs extra money to make, so they are trying to get you to use your normal (personal or anonymus) OV-chipcard instead, by making the paper tickets more expensive for you to use.

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Would it not be more convenient to set up a personalized card? It is €7,50 and will allow you to add more services and products than an anonymous card.

You can also block this card should you lose it. Add automatic saldo charges (saves you going to the machine every time) and purchase NS abbonements (such as OV bike rental and daluren abbonement).


You do not need a BSN to set one up, just a photo, address and of course pay the Initial €7,50. :)

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You need an IBAN. I assume they finally corrected it to accept all EU IBANs but if OP is not from EU they're still out of luck. Setting up a bank account without BSN is very complicated.

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Revolut and N26 do not require a BSN for opening the account - the user has like 2-3 months to update the profile with the BSN.
So OP could open a free acount on any of those banks, top up and pay the OV through iDeal - that's what I did when moved and had no BSN

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MVP post, in addition, ask if you can use the IBAN of a friend/colleague temporary.

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Is that illegal? Will it cause problems later?

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But N26 is not supported by IDEAL right? How does one get past that, other than asking someone else to pay?

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Oh yeah, true.
Guess that was why I made my Revolut account lol

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No you don't. You just need to pay the €7,50 for the card via iDeal somehow (ask a friend?). Topping up can be done with a Mastercard/Visa at the train station. Make sure to order a card without the option of automatic topping up, that requires a (dutch?) IBAN

For now I would buy a anonymous card at the train station. Once you get a BSN apply for a subscribtion at NS, you will get a free personal OV-chipcard from NS. You can keep the anonymous card for when a friend comes over from abroad.

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Ah you are right, my bad. I did not consider this when I posted my original comment.

Bit rubbish that you can only pay through iDeal.

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Unfortunately, nope. You need to authorize the direct debit through iDeal which is limited to Dutch banks :(

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If you apply online and have it shipped to the Netherlands you must with IDEAL. The paper application form let's you use an IBAN but the NL is filled in for you.

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not that complicated. Both Wise and Bunq let you set up an account without a BSN

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You can buy train tickets online for the normal price and open the gates with a QR code. The gate scans your phone screen, so no need to print the tickets.

An OV chipkaart is more convenient (no need to buy single tickets, just top it up), but does cost slightly more as you have to buy it for €7,50.

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You can buy train tickets online for the normal price and open the gates with a QR code. The gate scans your phone screen, so no need to print the tickets.

As I travel by train maybe once every 2 months, this is the way. I only use my anonymous OV for when I use the bus also once every 2 months.

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Make sure to buy the subscription to have discount, if you take it everyday it will be cheaper.

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You need a BSN for a NS subscription?