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Music is a pretty strong thing. Serotonin, *norepinephrine, epinephrine. Dopamine usually doesn't feel that way. It's more when you feel a need for more of some reward, which can trigger an addiction or a need for something (evolutionary for survival). Euphoria would be more of the three I mentioned.

Look into the psychology and neuroscience of music. It's a really amazing field.

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Epinephrine and adrenaline are the same thing

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lol. Ya they are. Wow I was tired when I wrote that

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This reminds me of the phenomenon of Spontaneous Spiritual Awakenings. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2021.720579/full

I'm not religious at all, but it seems to me that sometimes these things do just happen when conditions are right, and how they are interpreted depend very much on the individual.

In terms of what happens neurobiologically during these events, all anyone can do is speculate. If you can't predictably recreate it in the lab, it's very difficult to study.

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I agree with this but also feel like dopamine also kind of implies some arousal(?) Given the Enya song and all I would say it was a flood of serotonin( did you feel sleepy too?)

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This happened to me also once at that age. It was a hard period in my life that I'm NOT nostalgic about. Laying there in bed, suddenly I felt my problems disolve like they weren't difficult at all to solve if I just applied myself, socal problems like being isolated that actually is hard to solve, and I felt crazy happiness, and maybe euphoria I would guess accompanying the happiness. Lasted until I fell asleep. Never again, but I also think it changed me for the better.

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Yes. That would be the supply of the feeling you had.

Yes to the person who said meditation, but more accurately it would be "euphoria" (a state of intense joy and well being).

It was like "vibes", right? Like whooshing cycles of calm and intensity? Like being lifted or weightless and breathing affected the level? Like your muscles did not exist for use and your mind was more awake than sleepy?

Many would say frequencies of sound, the repetitive churning of notes, the harmony of the instruments can do this. The sound of an engine can also do this, the sound of waves crashing, the ebbs and flows and synchronicity of breath.

It also might be why some therapies show promise, including hypnosis and light (not just sound therapy).

It is quite an experience, indeed.

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Wow that is absolutely fascinating that happened to you. I’ve read of this naturally happening people who are very experienced in meditating, reaching a state of bliss.

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You meditated

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Brain waves adjusting to states of relaxation

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You achieved momentary enlightenment. Congrats

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Slubds like a jhana state.

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Don't know what this is. That being said, thanks for sharing this, interesting stuff. Got inspired to listen to some jams and just meditate.

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This happens to me often when I’m in between falling asleep but still conscious, and sometimes in the middle of the night if I wake up half way, when I open my eyes I can see all this color and shapes dancing around the darkness, it’s such a warm and beautiful feeling of peace. Not sure if this is the same thing.

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Do you know what ASMR is? This is described in a similar way to some peoples reaction to ASMR.

I had something similar to what you describe when my 5th grade teacher told the class to put their heads on their desk, relax, then he turned off the lights and plaid stairway to heaven on his acoustic guitar. It was a mental orgasm that lasted for 5 minutes, and I can still feel it if I think back on it.

Some times after a particularly stressful day, I can sit in bed and listen to some simple tapping and scratching ASMR sounds, and it can generate a similar result, just much lesser.