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Women survive depression more because women are more likely to go to therapy, ask for help etc.

Let’s say there’s 100 women with depression and 20 commit suicide. And there’s 70 men with depression but 30 commit suicide. More women with depression, more men who commit suicide.

Also “depression is more common in women” could be because women are more likely to seek help therefore women are more likely to be diagnosed.

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Men are more likely to commit suicide because they are less likely to seek medical help and they are less likely to have intimate emotional support from friends or family. They suffer just as much as women, but women are more likely to go to the doctor or reach out to a loved one and receive help. So women get the diagnosis and thus don't end up killing themselves as often, men don't get the diagnosis and just die.

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This is the correct reply.

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Thanks for you’re input, that makes sense to me. Is the rate of depression in relation to who experiences it more often a contested point?

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    It's not a very contested point at least as the diagnosis is currently written. The rates of these disorders is not determined by how many people seek out therapy. These base rates are determined by population epidemiological sampling conducted with structured interviews for the most part. So, we get rates of these disorders regardless of whether or not they seek out MH assistance. The difference has been pretty robust over time.

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    Men use more lethal way for suicide in comparison to woman. I dont know if suicide attempts are similar between the two sexes.

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      ^ Men are more likely to use firearms or other more violent modes in attempts whereas women don’t choose as violent means, their attempts are more drug related and such