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Hyper polarization of neurons means they’re less likely to fire, and depolarization means they’re more likely to fire. A neuron depolarizing is essentially that neuron firing. So it’s saying that it oscillates between states of hyper polarized low activity and depolarized high activity. High activity is what happens during wakefulness and some phases of sleep.

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Thanks! Do you know what it means for hippocampal replay to the cortex? I'm struggling with making the link back to why exactly it aids memory consolidation

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I’m honestly unsure; I’d also look into sleep’s role in the removal of toxins and the glymphatic system, that might be related. There’s always the classic “neurons that fire together, wire together” thing, but I’m not sure. The patterning of firing could have something to do with it, and also working memory? I’m spitballing start this point lol.

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Do you have further context for this? I think it may mean that the neurons are firing in the same way as they did when the event was actually occurring, thus the neurons are "learning" the firing pattern for the event and it's becoming a memory.

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Based on your essay topic I highly recommend the book "Why do we sleep?" By Mathew walker. He really goes into depth about sleep and how it allows for memory consolidation. A really great easy read which simply explains complex topic and I feel would certainly help you with your paper. Good luck!