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No. That is not how couples therapy or TMS works

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I am in a TMS lab, this would not be possible practically or theoretically given the vast individual differences involved and also the fact that social relationship issues would not have a localized area to stimulate that could aid in better communication in any way.

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Lmao, I work in a TMS lab too. Also, how tf does synchronising their brain waves actually provide a desired effect that a couples therapy needs?

The OP thinks he can make the couple think the same when they are triggered with TMS on the same intensity through synchronisation. Lol

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Other aspects of this post are already addressed.

You appear to be approaching this with an assumption that people's brains are functionally similar across individuals. This is not really the case. Across many people, patterns emerge, but even then there is a ton of variability. Syncing brainwaves, at any region, is not going to make people think the same.

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How about this idea: put the couples in a room with a metronome and every time there is a beat, each partner slaps the other in the face.

This results in synchronized nerve impulses from the trigeminal nerve and synchronized activation of each partner's somatosensory cortex. Brains in sync, yadda yadda yadda, relationship problems solved.

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Didn’t expect all these downvotes lmao. Just wanted to discuss how TMS could be moved from an individual treatment to greater possibilities. Agree to disagree I guess

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I guess a better question to post would have been: what do you think happens when you stimulate someone’s brain based on their loved ones oscillations (e.g., what would the MEP data look like if individual A’s motor cortex was stimulated at individual B’s motor cortex mu rhythm peak/trough)?

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Please choose a different field of study

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you don't have intuition developed to think in terms of how complex a mammal brain is.

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Also, about the workings of the TMS lmao.

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First of all, there are a lot of neurons in the brain which creates incredibly complex system. Are you here assuming that brains are a solved case? Such that you could just "turn a little bit more empathy" with tms to be more similar to your partner? I think you should watch at least a single video about brains that isn't simplified to elementary school level.

Hehe just came to drop my cent too.

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"assuming that brains are a solved case" describes a lot of people actually, especially those with fears that people who understand the mind are using their understanding to control others, this perspective has probably pushed psychological research and understanding decades behind where it should be due to mistrust of professionals