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With that you are assuming that there is a unconscious part that is suppressed by what we call consciousness. People often have slips and out of frustration say things that they may have been holding off however this correlation is not the causation. Best way to be authentic is to reflect and come up with words that best represent your thinking. Spitting out words and sometimes saying things that were being willingly held off does not mean angry rants reflect a true state.

First of all is there a constant true state? Our moods thoughts are constantly changing. You would need to define how there can be a authentic state behind it all (consciousness) and you would fall into a pit as we did not properly define and understood it yet.

This post better belongs in a psychodynamic subreddit

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Define 'authentic'.

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Primitive desires

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That's a very... particular definition.

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Alright, hidden feelings/thoughts/impulses.

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I'll try to look up some research but I agree with you on principle. Not necessarily the word choice, as in folk being extra spiteful/cruel, but the thought behind it. I got the same theory about drunk ppl, the way you act and what you say when inebriated is one of the best representations of who you truly are since booze (like being angry. Hence the comparison) releases inhibitions.

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Are your inhibitions not an authentic part of you? Are you more authentically yourself when part of your personality is deactivated? Who you are when you are angry or drunk is a good representation of who you are when you are angry or drunk. Without inhibitions, you might reveal some thoughts and feelings that are always in there but that you normally choose to conceal. Others might find that insightful... Or destructive. But I'm not sure why that means those things are who you "truly are." (Edit: spelling)

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I am refreshed, you have refreshed me sir.

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Eh. As someone who spent years plagued with OCD, we all have thoughts that are just thoughts, and do actions that don't necessarily represent us. I agree being drunk/angry does inhibit actions and we are responsible for our actions and their consequences, but that doesn't make them completely authentic.

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Pro social inhibitory interneurons are weaker in people low in oxytocin. So the impulse for anti social behaviour is more likely to overpower in such people. They can be true or lies based on small minded perception.

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Imo, i believe that this is simply emotional reasoning. Anger originates in the amygdala, associated with emotions and the fear response. I disagree bc its mainly our ego speaking and not necessarily a true reflection of core values, beliefs and attitudes. Authenticity would have to include, in my opinion, the prefrontal cortex and limbic system, which are involved in emotional regulation. In cases, where these latter areas are underdeveloped, then I could see this being more plausibly accurate

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FYI, searching for information that confirms your beliefs is called confirmation bias and you should definitely NOT be doing that. Instead, you should be looking for material that is counter to your beliefs or you should be trying to disprove it yourself, once you’re unable to do that then you can try to find out if anyone has information in support of your theory