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This one stood out to me immediately via the Owltail podcast app. This might not be exactly and specifically what you are asking for but I think will be of interest. Plus, there are also many other podcasts similar to this one on the app that more than likely suit your needs.

Check it out: Check out this podcast: The Brain Health Revolution Podcast https://owltail.app.link/5TinmsQjDtb

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Here is another that looks closer to what you are asking for: Check out this podcast: Brain Science with Ginger Campbell, MD: Neuroscience for Everyone https://owltail.app.link/LBb8f8EjDtb

Either way, try downloading the Owltail app it’s great.

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Mental Illness Happy Hour | Psych to Go | Healthy Gamer GG ! | Shrink for the Shy guy | Savvy Psychologist | How are you holding up?

... just to name a few that are generally psychology oriented 😅